Body Odor Can Be Beat

Body Odor Can Be Beat

The overall societal view towards body odor has changed dramatically over the centuries. The first historical mention occurs in the 9th century. The first uses of perfume were for the masking of odors, not for allurement.

Until as recently as the last century, the ongoing fight against odor was futile. Sweat was blamed for the foul odors and nothing could be done other than using a stronger odor that was more pleasant to mask the smell. The situation was tolerable because of the expectations of the time. Manual labor was the norm, there was no air conditioning and people of the day essentially were desensitized to all but the most offensive odors. It was just something that people learned to live with and ignore.

Thankfully, things have changed. Science gives us an explanation for the chemistry of body odor. The source of the problem is billions of bacteria that live on our bodies. The sweat that we secrete from our 3 to 4 million sweat glands attracts the bacteria. They interact with the sweat and initiate a process of fermentation. This is the source of the odor problem. Most deodorants use alcohol-based ingredients to eliminate the bacteria temporarily.

With that knowledge, mankind decided that body odor could be eliminated. People spend less time working outdoors in the heat than in the past. We can cool our buildings. Even those who have to work outdoors or get sweaty with exercise are expected to control their body odor. That control is possible due to the modern deodorant products that are now available.

that are now available and easily purchased at almost any retail store.

There are extreme cases of bad body odor caused by a genetic disorder called trimethylaminuria, sometimes called fish malodor syndrome. Unless you are a victim of that disorder, you have no excuse for persistent body odor.

There are five simple steps to control and eliminate body odor.

Step One: Start in the Shower.

Use a nonalkaline soap or body wash when bathing or showering, as this will protect the pH of the body's skin. Alkaline soaps should be avoided as they can create a favorable environment for the growth of bacteria.

Step Two: Kill the Bacteria

Select a quality brand of deodorant. With many deodorant products, you can select one that best meets your needs and preferences. There are different types of applicators, such as gels, sprays and sticks. The stick can be more effective because it gets better skin contact. You can also choose between different strengths of products. If you prefer scents, there are those that aid in masking body odor and providing a light fresh scent to the skin.

Step Three: Stop the Sweat

Science now provides us with a great choice in effective antiperspirants. These are a subclass of deodorants. Most of these products contain a variation of aluminum chloride. The antiperspirant actually plugs the pores of the sweat glands to stop sweat secretion.

Step Four: Use Deodorants Properly

It is most effective to apply deodorants at night. Cooler skin allows more coverage by the deodorant. Bacteria are controlled before any sweating occurs. If sprays are used, ensure that body hair does not keep the spray from reaching the skin.

Step Five: Avoid Eating Certain Foods

Certain foods, usually spicy ones, activate a sweat response within the body. Some people experience the same effect from caffeine. If you are in a situation where sweating will be inconvenient, you will likely want to go with less spicy choices to avoid that food triggering a sweat response. If caffeine affects you in this manner, avoid it when it is important to stay fresh and reduce the chance of sweating.

Body odor is one life challenge that you can overcome with a few carefully chosen products and the time it takes to use them. Choose the right deodorant products and use them correctly to stay clean and smell great.