As we enter the winter months in America, it seems our thoughts turn toward world peace, good will, and charity. It is overwhelming to think beyond our family much less how someone is faring on another continent. The easiest way to tackle a problem is one step at a time.

Step One: Decide if you are willing to share

If you do not feel like giving or feel like you are being coerced to give, then the time is not right. However, when you feel the burning desire to be a part of the solution; then minor setbacks won’t be a stumbling block to your success.

Step Two: Decide what you can provide

When you know you want to provide then you must decide what you want to give. It can be easy to get discouraged if you cannot afford to send money, food or clothes to someone in need. There are ways to give that don’t cost money. Giving your time to volunteer is an excellent way to give to the world without any stress to your wallet. You can pray or send good vibes to those in need. This option, in any case, will make you feel better and allow you to ask for the person or people to be given the help they need through someone who can help.

Step Three: Decide what you donate is enough

If you give until you are financially or emotionally drained it is a disservice to everyone involved. Start by giving a little at a time, volunteer doing something you enjoy doing, save change in a jar and donate it to a cause you believe in, learn to say no when you feel anything other than willingness to serve.

Step Four: Join with others who contribute

One can accomplish much, but when you join with another your efforts are exponentially increased. When you are a part of a group who gives you are able to encourage and receive encouragement when and how to give in a way that will grow your desire to give.

Step Five: Increase your capacity to receive

When you give to others, it’s natural that they will want to give back. It can be tempting to brush aside any return for your service, but then you are capping the flow of giving and receiving. When you allow yourself to receive greater, you will be able to give more.

When you follow these steps, it will likely draw you into giving and service the year around. The world will be a better place because you took the time to learn the steps to serving right.

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