Some of us love technology and love to hear the news about it. What are the newest gadgets coming out of the innovative companies and who is doing what. It is not all about computers, laptops and Apple tablets or even the phones that are the computers in our pockets - It could be a handy gadget for the kitchen or on the car. Stuff that makes our lives more effective or just more fun. Maybe even could be something that is about the science behind the gadgets.

How about one of those remote controlled helicopters that you can control with and iPhone or iPad. The technology could be a small radio device that you put in your luggage when you are travelling, that lets you know when your suitcase is getting near you again after it has been baggage handled.

Bagel TechBagelTech News

This is the show hosted by Ewan Rankin from the UK. He aims to tell the technology news from the previous 24 hours in about five minutes. He has a mostly irreverent view of the news and doesn’t let the big technology companies get away with any cheeky stuff. In the latest for example there was news about:

  • The Sony Playstation network being back online after it was hacked a month before.
  • Samsung video on demand service, another company trying to get your money off you, while you sit on your sofa.
  • Magellen GPS having some new units for sale.
  • Limewire and their legal problems with the RIAA over a small matter of a trillion dollars.
  • YikeBike and how they are making it more affordable by not using carbon fibre.
  • Apple offering free repairs to the people in Japan who suffered damage by the earthquake.
  • IPad not being very popular, as a way to take photos, according to numbers from Flickr.

Amber MacArthurCommand N

Command N is what you press on your Mac when you want to start a new thing in an application, such as a new document. This is about getting new news then, I suppose. A video podcast hosted by Amber MacArthur who gets filmed in outside locations in Canada. Often to be seen leaning against a wall with graffiti all over it as the backdrop to her tech news. It is a popular show and professionally put together.

In a recent podcast published Amber talks about:

  • The iPad2 reaching the shores of Australia and also about the fact that she has a pink cover for her ipad2, well she is a girl!
  • RocketBoom network and a web site called ‘Know your Meme ‘ gets a mention for having been sold for a seven figure deal.
  • Angry Birds - 2600 people competed to be the champion of the easy and at the same time hard game that you play on your mobile devices
  • A Music video being shot on Face time on an iPhone.
  • A dog food company giving away doggy snacks through a billboard. Just have to be on Foursquare to get the dog food.

Social networking is important for the MacArthurs and Jeff talks about and that you can use to quickly and easily set up a social networking web page. You can put up a bio and some other information. Don’t forget that you should be careful before sharing too much information about yourself online, unless you don’t mind if your identity gets stolen. Well I have just set up a couple of accounts at those places and I wouldn’t have known about them if I had not watched the Command N Podcast.

Geek Beat TVGeek beat TV - Calli Lewis

Calli Lewis is the presenter and she has just set up a new studio with new equipment in there. She has the good equipment, good video cameras and boom shotgun microphones. They use the green screen background and it is all edited very professionally. Calli does like to put in a couple of bloopers at the end of the show. Shows the human side of a presenter and can be funny too.

Usually about five minutes long and she tells the viewers about anything from the tech industry. Such as Microsoft buying Skype recently. Also in the last episode there was information about Google IO which is the developer conference and them having robot dance parties there. An upgrade to the Google Honeycomb operating system and the name of the next release being called Ice Cream Sandwich. The last episode was more about Google than anything else, but that was the way the cookie crumbled for the news of the day.

I Confess Im a geekI confess I’m a Geek

David from Maidenhead in the UK talks about the technology in his life and gives advice to UK buyers about bargains to be had, when buying a large screen Television, or a Network Attached Storage or mobile phone offers. In the latest episode he mentioned BoinxTV having a sale of some of their software. David tells us how is is planning to be covered for internet access when he goes on holiday in Cornwall. David is a Mac geek but will also talk about other technology devices, such as the Android Phone and his Windows Server set up.

David has been interviewed on the Mac20Q Podcast to talk about his iPad and he has recently got himself a iPad 2. He described in detail about how he tried to buy the iPad early, before it was available in the UK. There is a company called BundleBox that will forward on parcels, that you buy in the US, to where you live. Sometimes it is because you want it early and sometimes it might be that you can only buy what you want in the U.S.

Click On

BBC technology podcast that looks at science and technology as well as gadgets that we might drool over. They have news of digital development, internet innovations as well as things like solar flares and how they might affect the satellite technology that we all rely on for global navigation. In a recent issue it was discussed how companies are using Twitter to look after customers. There was also an interesting article about ‘Self Hackers’ and how the people that take part in that, are using the technology to treat depression. You will also find totally down to earth sections in the podcast about the business of technology in Silicon Glen and Silicon Fen in the UK.

There are all sorts out there

Of course that is only a sample of the technology podcasts out there and which one suits you best, will be influenced by whether you like the presenter and the usual stories they cover on the show. As you can see from these five you have a choice ranging from mainstream to quirky to the bordering on satire.