How many of us have seen our guy pull away right about the moment we thought he was about to pop that one question? How many expected a dazzling ring on their fingers a few weeks hence and all they got was a boyfriend who was becoming more and more aloof every day?

Believe it or not, men are as complex as women. Well, maybe not in the exact same way, but they sure have some mystery going on there and the sooner we, as women learn to decipher thier codes, the sooner we’ll be able to reach to the core of their hearts and minds.

That (and all relationship related advice) is easier rendered than practiced. It’s so simple to advise your friend who is going through a divorce and so difficult to manage your own boyfriend who is getting more aloof day by day. Isn’t it? So, we’ve established that relationship advice is left best to the experts.

While trying to find a true and actionable solution to boy-troubles, I came across a lot of sensible and actionable advice from relationship experts. Here are some tips I’d like to share with all my female friends out there to make sure your man doesn’t pull away from you:

  1. Men will be men. If you ask them to be otherwise, they may as well be not with you. If you want them to watch your soap drama when they could instead be cheering for the Mets, they’re not going to like that much. They may do it as a relationship thing and it may look cute once or twice, but make that a habit and you are only putting a nail in the proverbial coffin of your relationship.
  2. Share your woes with your man but don’t bore his mind out with your sob stories. All those tales about men wanting to hear what you have to say is mere relationship hype. Once the man knows you well he will want less of your continuous chatter. Women are verbose by nature – most men are not. I assure you – he wants to hear less about how little your cat is eating and lesser still about how versatile your father is.
  3. Give him some ME time. Get out of his hair for a while and you’ll be surprised to find out how much more engaged he appears later on.
  4.  Don’t over-criticize. While he may find it cute that you care enough to look into what he wears and whether the tie matches the shirt, he may not be as glad to hear your critique about several other aspects of his life and day.
  5. Don’t push him to talk about old flames if he doesn’t want to that himself. Do the prodding often enough and very soon you’ll be an old flame.

These are just the tip of the iceberg. You will need to know what he really WANTS and what he doesn’t ... and yes, like women, men also don’t put everything out there. So many times in a relationship you’ll need to walk a thin line unless you know what he’s all about. Do the right things and DON’T fall into the traps that you’ve often fallen into when your relationship was progressing just fine until you opened that BIG mouth of yours. In short, it’s advisable to think before you speak. 

Relationship advice from the experts often suggest that there is a well thought out, almost scientific way of making sure your man doesn’t pull away from you. And of course, you’ll want that special person to pop that special question to you so that you can make that special family of your dreams. So what’s stopping you?

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