As I celebrate my one year anniversary as an Info Barrel writer, I am thrilled with the growth I have seen on the site over the past twelve months. I am pleased with all of the writers who are joining and are able to write large quantities of articles. Their drive and dedication to earn a living from residual income is quite impressive.

One thing I have noticed while reading the forums is that new writers, and some not so new, get distressed over their inability to write as many articles as others who are competitive in the contests each month.

I would like to say to those of you who feel that you are not "measuring up" to build a bridge and get over it. Comparing yourself to others is not a productive use of brain power.

Every person who writes on Info Barrel has a different life. Some of us write full-time as our job, others write part time. Some members work full time and write at night, others work part-time. There are those who are single and have more free time for writing than those who are couples. There are members who have families with small children and not so small children. We all have varying amounts of time to devote to writing.

The bottom line is this…No matter how much time you have to devote to Info Barrel or any other online writing site, there is one indisputable fact-articles written with good keyword research, effective SEO techniques, and backlinking will earn you more money.

If you are not able to write as much as you would like, do something about it. In Jack Canfield's book, The Success Principals, he calls any interference with your goals "road blocks". You need to choose what you do with these road blocks.

You can stop what you are doing and go no further. That will get you nowhere, of course.

Or you can find ways to go around those road blocks to get to your destination.

The choice is yours.

Rearrange your schedule to fit in more time to write articles. Make writing as priority over something else, if you are able. Presently, I have changed my schedule to make writing my top at-home priority when my family is at work and at school.

If rearranging your schedule is not possible, then you need to take advantage of the time you do have to write, even if it is only thirty minutes. If you use your smaller blocks of time wisely, when large amounts of time are available for you to write, you are ready to go with gusto!

My life as a mom, wife, daughter, teacher, volunteer and friend keeps me busy juggling the many balls I have in the air. Some days I plan on writing and I get called in to sub at the preschool; other days a friend may call needing help with an overwhelming PTA project and needs and extra hand. If one of my children is home from school because s/he is sick, they need me more than I need to write. These scenarios interrupt a day I have set a side exclusively for writing.

Having a teenager means her activities are at night. At least two nights during the school week, sometimes three, I am needed to drive one part or even two of a carpool. Again, there goes my ability to have an hour or two of solid writing time after my little ones are in bed.

I do not get upset that life happens and I cannot write as much as I could.

Instead, I do one or more of the following activities to help my writing. By doing these things, I am ready to write to my heart's content when my time is uninterrupted.

1. Keyword Research

I have mentioned before my spiral bound notebook full of research keywords. Whenever an idea for an article or a niche gets into my brain, I write it down in there. When I have a small pocket of time, I will do keyword research to see if it is something worth writing about when I have time. I write the keywords, the phrases, and the CPC so I can refer to them when I am free to write.

2. Tweak an Old Article

I have been going back to my earliest articles here on Info Barrel and have done major editing. Believe me, some of them needed it! I have rewritten many of them with better SEO-or first adding SEO! I have made each article longer and stronger. In addition, I have changed the tags for better search results.

You can also add media images and then interlink them to your article.

After my editing is done, I submit the freshened articles' URL to Google, Bing and Yahoo.

3. Change Your Signature

I want to thank Chezfat for this tip. I have gone back to my article library and have added Amazon links in my signature box to help increase my Amazon sales. I still have a way to go, but I am hoping to see more money from Amazon this way.

4. Interlink Your Articles

Maybe you wrote some articles in June and added a few more to your niche in October. I have been interlinking my related articles when I do not have time to write a fresh one. I am also linking my Girl Scout blog to my Info Barrel articles and even interlinking newer Girl Scout articles to older blog posts.

5. Backlink

Creating backlinks is simple and effective tool to do when you are short on writing time. Even if you can do it to a handful of articles, it will help your article rank on Google and in turn, help increase your chances of earning Adsense income.

Don't bemoan the fact that you cannot pump out ten articles a day. One article a day will be 365 articles in one year. If one a day is a challenge, use these tips and do whatever you can to help the earning potential of the articles you already have published.