Break Out on LinkedIn
Credit: Jurevicious Studios

If you don’t have a LinkedIn page for your company yet, it’s certainly time you create one. LinkedIn is a virtual Rolodex for your professional life, but it’s also a valuable social media site. As with other social sites you can interact with potential customers and potential employees in a two-way conversation. And, as with most social media sites you need to create connections to make meaningful conversations happen. Even if you already have your LinkedIn page set up, there might be some tactics for gaining followers that you haven’t used yet.

After you’ve created your page and filled in all of the appropriate information about your company, you should start building your base of followers. There are a few tactics you can use to get as many people on board as possible. Once people see that your account is alive and kicking on LinkedIn, more will join. To get your first wave of LinkedIn followers use the tactics below.

Let Your Existing Employees Know About the Page

LinkedIn is for employers and their employees, so you should start by letting you employees know that you have a page. They’ll be eager to join and show that they work for the company, as it will simultaneously build their own profiles. They’ll be able to list their position at your company and all of their accomplishments in their time there. Your page will benefit them, so it’s important that you let them know once it’s finished. You could send out an email if you have a large office, or even tell your employees face-to-face if there aren’t many of them. Chances are, they’ll be on the site right away following your page. Having your employees as followers might even bring new business when their friends unassociated the company see the brand name and therefore trust your brand.

Notify Existing Contacts

As previously stated, your LinkedIn will be your Rolodex. Every professional relationship you’ve ever had and every one you might make in the future can be accessed on the site. For that reason, it’s a good idea to notify everyone in your current contacts list that you’ve set up the page. They’ll be glad to follow your profile so that they stay updated on the happenings of your company, not to mention any job openings in the near future. You could send out an email to your entire email address book with a link to your LinkedIn page, or you could find alternative ways of letting them know such as notifying them on social media sites. Either way, you’ll get a lot of followers from this group so long as they know the page exists.

Include a Follow Button on Your Blog or Website

If someone is visiting your company’s blog or website, it almost definitely means that they’re interested in your company in one way or another. Maybe they’re looking for more information about employment, or maybe they’re just interested in what you have to say. Either way, they’d probably make willing followers if they knew about your LinkedIn page. For that reason, you should make sure you include a “follow” button on your blog or website. That way, people can become followers with a single click and stay updated on LinkedIn from that point forward. Most people know the myriad of benefits that come along with following a business on LinkedIn, so it doesn’t take much convincing. Having a “follow” button on your website is simply a way for you to let them know about the new LinkedIn page.

Cross-Promote on Other Channels

Once your LinkedIn page is finished, it’s time to spread the news on your other social channels. Share the link with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers to direct them back to the site. If they already follow you on these social sites, it’s practically a guarantee that they’ll become LinkedIn followers as well. When you spread the news on other channels, people outside of your professional network will get the message. Just because they’re outside of your contact list currently doesn’t mean they won’t someday be associated with your company. People that are interested in employment or another type of business relationship will be able to stay updated.

Update your Status Often

Once you’ve sent out notifications to your potential base of followers on LinkedIn, it’s time to make sure your page is engaging. Create status updates and post them often so that your name pops up on peoples’ news feeds. The ability to post a status from a company page is a relatively new feature on the site, and it can help you engage with your clients and employees. If you’re trying to get more LinkedIn followers, you can use the status updates to share content relevant with your industry. If you become a valuable content source on the site, you’ll attract attention from industry professionals. Even if they’re not already familiar with your company or brand, they might still follow your page if you prove that you’re an expert in your field. Provide value to your followers so that they spread the word about your company page.

Your LinkedIn page can drive sales, drive traffic to your site and increase awareness about your brand. However, without a large set of followers, those goals won’t be achievable. With the right strategies, you can increase the number of LinkedIn followers you have. Whether your company page is a few years old or a few hours old, reach out to everyone that associates themselves with your company first to get the fan base started. Then, as your page proves to be engaging and valuable, more people will follow suit. Eventually, your LinkedIn page will be a huge Rolodex of powerful industry professionals, former employees, future employees and evangelists for your brand. Your popularity on the site might even translate to increased popularity on other social media sites such as Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Facebook.