These five tips for field dressing a bear will make it a lot easier for you to finish the job properly.

  • Plenty of room. When field dressing a bear always make sure you have plenty of room to work with the animal. If you are on a rocky ledge you will not have enough room to roll the animal around as needed. Make sure you have enough working room before you start gutting the bear.
  • Sharp axe. Make sure you not only have a couple of axes with you but that they are sharp enough to cut through the bears breast bone. Having sharp axes to cut through the bear's breast bone is a great tip for field dressing a bear and making the job much easier.
  • Cleansing the body cavity. After you have removed all of the organs from the body cavity you need to wipe the body cavity clean. You can use clean rags and towels to wipe the entire body cavity clear.
  • Do Not Use Water. Do not use water to cleanse the inside of the body cavity. Using water could contaminate the meat. Another reason not use water is that the body cavity will no longer be "sealed" by a thin dryer layer of blood which helps to protect the meat. The best tip for field dressing a bear is not to use water when cleaning the body cavity of the bear.
  • Cooling The Bear Carcass. If the weather is above 40 degrees then you should immediately transport the bear to the butcher or at least back to camp where you can hang the carcass after you quarter it and allow it to cool properly. Cooling the bear carcass is the one tip for field dressing a bear that needs to be followed. If you do not properly cool the carcass then the meat will spoil.

Field dressing a bear can be hard and frustrating the first time you attempt it in the field but if you have an experienced person with you who follows these tips it will make field dressing a bear much easier. Hunting for bear is the fun part but actually gutting the bear and stripping the carcass in the field and then humping out the meat is the hard part. If you are going to hunt bear then you need to properly field dress the bear you shoot so the meat does not go to waste.