win your ex back

It’s a nice thought to be back with an ex girlfriend again after a problematic encounter. But it takes more than just sweet talk and a mutual understanding of commitment to get your romantic life back on track. To get her back completely, you have to resolve all the issues that have pushed your relationship to the brink of disintegration. One thing you should remember though is to never push healing according to your expected pace. You may be able to set aside all that the hurt you’ve felt for some time. But women follow a different ritual and heal at a much slower rate. So extend a little patience while you explore these strategies on making your relationship work.

1. Seek counselling. It is very important that you are able to talk about what happened in an open and unbiased setting with a third person arbitrating. Sure, you could go about it on your own. But you’ll just end up throwing digs at each other without coming to a clear understanding of what you have to do in order to change your situation. To avoid the blame game, it would be preferable that you get yourselves into therapy or see a pastor once a week so you’d be able to deal all the sore spots in the relationship.

2. Make it a point to do one good deed daily for the other. It doesn’t matter whether it is as big as helping your partner close a deal with an important client or something small such as fixing the railing on her back porch. To reinforce positive feelings, you and your partner should see to it that you extend courtesy and affection to each other at least once every day. Along with this, it would also be a pleasant habit to sincerely tell her how special she is to you and how much you love her for being who she is and doing what she does.

3. Spend quality time together. It’s easy to allow your work to get the best of you. But you should never turn down a short-lived opportunity to bond with each other every week, even if it is for a 2 hour movie or dinner. Presence is a crucial requirement when trying to get back with an ex girlfriend. And you have to show her you are willing to be there for her for whatever, as promised.

4. Try not to bring up old, hurtful memories out of spite. It won’t help you get your point across or win the debate if you refer to what had happened before, regardless of how similar they are to the current problems. This will just introduce more animosity. If you are aware of the pattern, give her time to recognize herself instead of forcing it down her throat. That way, you’d get a better apology out of your ex when she’s being stubborn. And you don’t even have to risk falling out.

5. Lastly, always be the bigger person even if you didn’t do anything wrong. There are a lot of other things you can be that have far worse consequences. Of course, you shouldn’t allow your pride to be stepped on repeatedly. But if you have the option between confronting her for something or walking away and allowing both of you to cool off, choose the latter  as this gives you a better chance at being able to get her back. If she’s smart enough and willing to make things better, she wouldn’t be so full of herself and not admit she had contributed to your problems too.