Work smarter, not harder using a House Cleaning Schedule

Tired of spending your entire day cleaning your house just to have it look the same the day after as it did the day before you started? Keeping your home clean throughout the week is easier than you think if you tackle the task on a daily basis.

Remember the quote, “How do you eat an elephant? --- One bite at at time.” The same is true of housekeeping. Cleaning the entire house in one day might be a bit overwhelming, so divide the chore into manageable pieces.

1. Make sure your house is clean before you make the switch to using a weekly house cleaning schedule. This way you’ll have something to build on. Otherwise you run the risk of never quite getting on top of the task.

2. Also before you make the change, put “Clutter Containers” in place. Clutter throughout the house can make it appear dirty when it really isn’t. Use baskets and decorative boxes to contain magazines, video games & accessories, and miscellaneous odds and ends that collect in frequently used areas. Don’t use this as an excuse to toss everything in drawers and closets and forget it. Define the use for each container and place only items that belong in the container in there.

3. Schedule the 15-minute time frame into each day of the week, and include it in your calendar. This will hold you accountable to doing daily tasks until they become a habit.

4.Enlist the help of others in your household and delegate the chores and responsibilities. In addition to promoting teamwork, everyone who plays a part in cleaning the house will naturally make a conscious effort to keep it that way.

5. Create a house cleaning schedule that you and your family can live with, or use the one below. Either way your home will shine throughout the week.

  • Monday: Sweep & mop the kitchen floor.
  • Tuesday: Clean mirrors, glass tops, and all other reflective surfaces in the house.
  • Wednesday: Dust all flat surfaces in living areas.
  • Thursday: Vacuum all carpeted areas in the house.
  • Friday: Clean the bathroom(s).
  • Saturday: Sweep & mop the kitchen floor.
  • Sunday: Vacuum the main entry areas and halls.

When it comes to keeping your house clean, remember, it’s a process. It doesn’t have to be done in one day, and is actually easier when done throughout the week. Break down the housekeeping chores into “bite-sized” pieces, enlist the help of others, and enjoy more free days now that you don’t have to use them to clean!

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