perfume bottle

Five tips for women wearing fragrance during summer. In the heat people sweat more, you may feel that you should compensate by wearing more fragrance. Please don't! Over strong scents in hot weather are annoying and attract bugs. Be sparing in the summer heat. There are better ways of making a fragrance last.

Layer the fragrance. Start with a base of soap of the same perfume. If you don't want to buy expensive parfumed soap, then use an unscented soap. Otherwise the smells of your hair and skin and makeup are all colliding and fighting for attention. I have found that although name brand scented soaps such as Chanel or Elizabeth Arden seem fairly expensive, they are hard milled to last longer. Also you don't have to use it as your bath soap. Use it as your hand soap so that when you go to shake hands with a client a light pleasing aroma is emitted.

While we are on the subject of expensive I would be remiss if I did not point out that Cheap Perfume is no substitute for real perfume. Don't let any sales person off the street, or child doing a fund raiser talk you into spending money on designer rip offs. First off there is the ethics of it. Even if it IS the same cologne, which I doubt, rebottling it someplace like China and re-selling it for half the price or less, doesn't make good business. The reason things made in China are so often cheaper is because the workers are poorly paid, have a lower standard of living, and environmental protection laws as we know them do not exist. Yet, what they dump in the ocean, yes, what we dump in the ocean affects us all. Think about that the next time you toss a soda can out of the window when you're driving. The litter fairy isn't going to come pick it up!

On another note, the perfume you buy as a designer look alike, or designer knock off, most definitely does not smell them same if the ingredients are different. If will initially give off a strong odor reminiscent of the more expensive perfume and then it will quickly degenerate to its base note. The substance that cheap perfumes are suspended in has an awful displeasing chemical warehouse after effect which lingers in a room long after you have left and gives poor Ms Muffintop a headache. Men especially seem to react to bad fragrance, so ladies if you are single and looking for a mate don't cheap out on perfume!

If you really can't afford a good brand by a reputable perfumer than consider buying a very small bottle. At drugstores and fragrance outlets you can purchase tiny amounts or request a sample. Your other option would be to switch to an essential oil rather than a perfume. These tend to be one note aromas such as rose, sandalwood or citron. Generally a citrus smell seems clean and fresh when worn, a flowery scent or fruity scent is considered young, powdery smells like violet or rose are for more mature women. Still any scent will react to the chemistry of the wearer. So don't be afraid to shake it up a bit. If you are young and wear Chanel 5, the classic fragrance from the 20's you will come across as sophisticated. To this day it is one of the most popular scents ever invented.

The second layer after a perfumed soap would be a spray of toilet water. This is the most dilute version of a fragrance. Victoria's Secret sells over thirty different spritz sprays that are light enough to spray on clothes without staining them. Once again, do not choose a scent that will clash with the scent of your make up or shampoo. Whenever possible buy unscented toiletries so that you will not have this problem, or at least stay in the same family of scents – all flowery or all citrusy or all musky.

A final layer may be a solid or roll on perfume at your pulse points. I like to spray small shot below the waist before I get dressed as the scent will rise during the day in the heat. If you apply everything around your face when you go in for the air kiss you might knock someone out! Apply sparingly. The scent may become invisible to you after about five minutes but it will not be for the people around you. Pulse points are located on the inside of your wrists, along your neck and collarbone or behind your ears. A really light dab will do it.

Don't apply scent more than two times a day. I like to do it in the morning when I get dressed and right after I get out of the shower. When asked what she wore to bed Marilyn Monroe once coyly answered, "Chanel Number 5." Wearing fragrance to bed is a sensual experience even if you live alone. The good scent will help you relax and give you good dreams. Don't chose an "up" scent to spray sheets with. Chose something warm and gingery. Scents and perfumes can be daubed in tiny doses on top of light bulbs so that a faint smell arises as the bulb heats up. It's much more subtle than the plug in air fresheners you can buy. And there is some concern anyway that those products might be carcinogenic.

So to summarize our five points for women wearing perfume during the summer:

1) Don't wear cheap perfume

a. Which includes designer knock offs, rip offs or imitations

2) Don't wear too much!

a. A tiny dab will do it

3) Layer your fragrance with products made by the same maker, for example powers, makeup or soap of the same scent

4) Place perfume at the pulse points and below the waist for optimum diffusion

5) Don't apply it more than two times a day

With these points in mind you are ready for your signature scent!