One of the more common questions that a lot of first-time puppy buyers have is: Where can I find a good breeder?  Finding a good breeder is no different with Teddy Bear puppies than it is with any other type of dog.  You have to do your research and make sure you aren't buying a low quality individual or, even worse, a "puppy mill".  Here are five great tips to choosing a great Teddy Bear breeder:

1. Call so you can talk with them over the phone

More often than not our intuition is our most effective guide. You should be sure to call and speak with your breeder before deciding to pick a puppy over the internet. Speaking person-to-person over the phone may provide you with a good understanding as to what type of a person you could be purchasing from. If it turns out they seem genuine, friendly, and pleasant over the phone, the odds are that they are similar in real life as well. In the event they're brief, obnoxious, sound irritated or angry, then you might prefer to re-think doing business with them.

2. Write down a variety of detailed questions to ask

This can be done in person, however we suggest doing this in that first telephone conversation. Inquiring about a couple specialized questions will tell you two things: How professional the dog breeder is, and if they are happy to invest time to help you along through this whole process. You definitely want to select a breeder that's highly educated about their Teddy’s, it's a favorable signal that they've got expertise being a dog breeder and are engaging in tasks to make certain that your new puppy is healthy and well balanced from the time they are born to the day they first arrive at their new home. A few example questions could be:

a. What shots have these puppies received?

- What kind of shots will they need from now on?

b. Have they received any type of training whatsoever?

c. Which kind of solid foods have the puppies been eating?

d. What is the total number of breeding dogs that you own?

e. How long have you been breeding Teddy Bears?

The answers to these types of inquires can offer you a certain amount of insight into this breeder’s experience, as well as the type of business they operate.

3. Request several references from buyers in the past twelve months

Being able to study several other peoples dealings with this dog breeder can supply you with a certain amount of valuable insight about your potential buying experience. Asking for brand-new references provides you with a current understanding of how the buying process may go for you. If the breeder is concerned or perhaps hesitant to give you a few referrals, that may not be a good sign. If they are more than pleased to offer you the information, call at least one of the references and ask about their experience with this particular Teddy Bear breeder and how they like their particular Teddy. These conversations might provide you with significant insight into exactly how the puppies act after they move to their own forever home.

4. Request to take a physical tour of the breeding facilities

For some breeders this can be a very small area, for others it could be very large. Make sure
that the breeder is managing their puppies in a humane environment, the way that you would insist on from a conscientious person. The canines shouldn't be cramped, grubby, or residing in foul odors. They ought to have a spacious habitat which has an place to run around outdoors.

Take note of the mood from the puppies you observe, do they seem happy and healthy? Do
they seem like they are being well nourished or groomed effectively? Tangled hair, long chipped nails, and lesions inside the mouth or on the feet can all be signs of puppies who are not handled in a healthy manner. Make sure that you're satisfied with the environment your dog has been living in, and fight the urge to “save” a teddy from a poor surroundings. Doing that will only ensure a poor breeder will continue their undesirable ownership practices.

5. Decide on your breeder before choosing your puppy

It is often very easy to “just fall in love” with a new puppy you see pictures on the internet, especially a Teddy Bear dog.  Some individuals often make the decision to buy a certain pup before they've done any research!  Ignore any such urge! Do not make up your mind to buy until you have weighed each of the considerations. It is vital that you choose a pup who is happy, in a healthy condition, and comes from a respected dog breeder you have examined.

Teddy Bear pups are fantastic dogs, and if you find the right breeder, you will find the ideal puppy. Be sure that you are careful in your selection process. You are going to be living with your new pup for at least a dozen years, make sure you find a puppy, and breeder, who's going to make the experience as simple as possible.

Happy and Healthy Teddy Bear Puppy