Shaking Hands

Getting invited to interview for a job can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. The moments before are tense and fleeting; before you know it, you're headed out the door and on to the next one. Make the next job interview a success by following these five, easy recommendations:

Sweat, Shower and Shave

The morning of the interview, be sure to exercise, preferably enough to work up a nice sweat but not enough to feel drained and exhausted. Exercise is an awesome stress-relief, and combined with the endorphin release, a good workout will leave you calm and optimistic before you even brush your teeth. 

After the workout, shave and take a shower. Do not wait until the last minute to shave to avoid worrying about razorburn and small cuts right before the meeting. After the shower, some subtle lotion or fragrance is acceptable, but do not put on any strong scents. You do not want the smell to be overbearing if you are stuck inside a small room to interview.

Dress the Part

With each job is an expectation of dress. In a restaurant setting, a black polo shirt and black plants are generally accepted, but that is totally different if you are vying for employment in a business setting. Find out beforehand how people in the desired position dress for work, and either match it or take it up one notch. However, whether the job calls for a business suit, a polo or a t-shirt, it can't hurt to look nice, so at the very least wear something that makes you feel good.

Come Prepared

What do you bring into the interview? Hopefully, you'll carry a silenced phone, your car keys, and your necessary paperwork. Bring at least two copies of your resume, and an original and a copy of any professional certifications that might help in securing the position. For instance, if you are CPR/AED certified, you should bring in your identification card and a copy of the card on white paper. It is important for employers to have a portfolio on your achievements when reviewing and deciding on who to hire.

Know the Position

So you know what position you are applying for, but do you know anything about the company. Nothing is more embarassing and deflating than being asked, "So what do you know about our company?" and having nothing to say. Research the company, the important people in the business and the actual business field itself. Employers like candidates that show effort and doing your homework proves your desire to get the job. 

Ace the Interview

Show up on time for the interview. To be on time is to be at least ten minutes early, and showing up late is an absolute way to ruin your chances of landing the position. Inside, smile and be comfortable. Do not avoid talking to other employees before or after the interview, and be sure to try and make a positive impression on the receptionist. 

When called in to be interviewed, shake hands firmly with everyone in the room. Enunciate yourself and speak clearly, and make and hold eye contact with those you are conversing with. Do not simply recite answers you have made up in your head;it is important to actually answer the questions being asked in full. Do not leave the interview if you have anything left you want to say or ask, and be sure to ask if they have any concerns about your resume or qualifications. 

Overall, if you have a positive demeanor and a neat appearance, as well as a polished resume and good social skills, interviewing should be a breeze. The important thing here is to not think too much and give yourself anxiety in doing so. Making sure you have all of your bases covered should lead to the desired result: an awesome interview and a brand new job.