As a writer, the more high quality articles you write, the more money you are likely to make. If you want to increase your income, there are simple steps you can take to earn more money writing online. Here are five tips to help you earn more money writing online.

1. Eliminate time wasters. There are a multitude of time wasters out there but two of the biggest ones include checking email several times a day, having to many email addresses to check and not keeping materials organized. For email addresses, keep one for your friends and family. Keep one or two others for work and activities you do that may result in spam such as using article directories, web searching etc. Check emails no more than once a day. Keep your materials organized in folders. Instead of having multiple scraps of paper with information you want to remember on them, buy a large notebook and each day date a page and use it to record anything you may want to refer back to. Keep a book with passwords you need to remember.

2. Find more to write about. Keep a small notebook with you at all times. Jot down ideas when they come to you. When you are out doing your regular activities, pick up brochures and other information that you can potentially write about. Keep these in a folder and pull one out as a starting point for new article ideas, when you need one.

3. Plan your time. Don't say I will write some time today. Schedule a block of time for your writing, to ensure it gets done.

4. Look for more places to write. Each week try to find one or two new places to write for. Google these places and read about other writers experiences with them. Don't stick to the top of the google pile, where most reviews are likely to be positive. Dig deep to get a good feel as to if the place can offer the type of income and writing experience you are looking for.

5. Talk to the pros who are doing well at the places you are writing for to get tips and techniques to increase your earnings at each site.

By adding just a few little tweaks to your routine, your experiences writing online will be more rewarding and your income from writing online should increase substantially.

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