Tip Number 1: Spend Smart not Big on Improvements

Sometimes its the little things when it comes to selling a house

What you need to find out is where to spend any money on improvements to your home to have the greatest effect. Here are some of the things I have found for my home:

  • Have your carpets professionaly cleaned, do not replace them unless the carpets in the bedroom is really ratty. Nowadays most people really do not care about the carpets condition as they already ignore it thinking they will replace soon enough with tiles or wood panels.
  • Replace broken sprinkler heads, chipped internal walls
  • Clean the oven, no need to replace. Women tend to decide on the house if you are in a couple and a dirty kitchen, and more importantly a dirty oven, can really be a make or break.
  • Fix small easy things, don't spend more than $200 on any one fix as you are unlikely to realize that money back in profit but also understand that anything you do not acknowledge as not working/sub standard could be used by the potential buyer to drive down price.

Tip Number Two: Sparkling Clean inside and out

If it doesn't shine, it isn't clean

Sounds like a simple one, but there are so many things that on accumulation will make a big difference to how your house is perceived by potential buyers:

  • As mentioned clean the oven. A potential massive turn off for a property
  • Clean all walls, doors, ceilings (of cobwebs)
  • Mow the lawns and put peet into garden beds
  • Scrub showers and tile surfaces.
  • windows: often forgotten but sparkling clean windows make a big difference when selling a house
  • Patch holes in walls and repaint

Tip Number Three: The Echo effect

If you can't hear yourself on replay, the room isn't ready

So what does this mean? It means for every bit of clutter that has accumulated in any house, the perceived room size shrinks that bit more. The concept is when you talk in a fully cleaned and ready room you should hear an echo as your voice bounces round all the new space:

  • Do not have anything in view on top of cupboards, bookshelves and the like
  • If need be pack things into suitcases and put the into storage/new place if possible, friend/relative
  • Minimize. The less clutter in the room, the bigger the potential client feels the room is.

Tip Number Four: Depersonalize the House for Sale

My taste may not be yours

This is a small tip but an important one to remember. When someone attends a home open the house should be neat and tidy, uncluttered and must not feel like someone elses home but a home the potential buyer can see themselves in.

  • Take down all personal photographs
  • Purchase neutral colour cheap canvas prints (think the pictures you see in hotels). Nothing too outrageous. Place these in bedrooms over beds.
  • Take down any certificates/uni qualifications that may adorn your walls.
  • Clear fridge of children's artworks, coupons to restaruants etc

Tip Number Five: Smells Like Home

Inviting smells when you walk through the door.

Does anything beat coming home after a long day, opening the door and instantly being hit with the smell of freshly baked choc chip cookies. There is a considerable amount of psychology behind this but in a nut shell nice smells are good and can have a very positive influence on a potential buyer.

So there you Have it

I hope some of the tips passed onto me can help you get your house ready to sell faster and into those hands of real estate agents to wheel and deal.

Thanks for reading