Is it time to learn something new?

All of these exist, a simple Google search will find them for you and many others, what are you waiting for?!

Essential Witchcraft

The Church and School of Wicca really does have a correspondence course in Essential Witchcraft, offering modules covering everything from Rituals, Clairvoyance, Herbal Healing and many others, in thirteen (of course) lectures. The school has existed since 1968 and once you have progress beyond Essential Witchcraft they offer further courses teaching skills such as Astral Projection and Astrology.

Peacekeeping and International Conflict ResolutionTaxidermyCredit: Ryan Harvey / Flickr CC

You only have to look around you and read the newspapers to see just how useful a course such as this could be, the world is not at its most stable and maybe you are just the person to push Tony Blair to one side and get stuck in solving our most difficult and intractable problems.

The Peace Operations and Training Institute (tagline: study peace and humanitarian relief any place, any time) offers a large number of courses, including the aforementioned, with most available for download for around $60.


 The Wildlife Artists Supply Company has a vast array of not just courses relating to Taxidermy, but also is able to provide the tools, chemicals, artificial eyes and air brushes. With everything from beginner’s booklets to DVDs, there is something for everyone. DVD course start at a very reasonable $19.95 and will take you through the various projects, skinning and tanning, mounting advice for various birds, mammals and fish. Maybe your favourite pet is not long for this world and you can’t bear to part with them? Well maybe you don’t have to.

Theme Park Engineering

Just imagine how much more reassured you will be, once you have taken this course provided by Expert Rating, next time you enjoy the local fairground or theme park ride with your kids? Or maybe not. However, don’t be put off, this course has dozens of very satisfied graduates and is taught by Steve Alcorn who has worked for Walt Disney and written several books on Theme Park Design.  As the course notes say: “As an armchair theme park engineer you’ll learn about architecture, ride control, show control, audio, video, acoustics, lighting, mechanics, hydraulics, and figure animation. You'll also examine art direction, set design, merchandising, and even food service”. A snip at $129

Ghost Hunting

Never seen a ghost? Maybe you need to learn how to hunt them, and if that piques your interest then the International Ghost Hunters Society is ready to help. They have been offering “Professional Home Study Courses Since 1998” and so why would you go anywhere else? Three courses, starting with the Certified Ghost Researcher Home Study Course are available and there’s even the enticing offer of a bulk buy of all three for only $400. The CGR covers such areas as Folklore and Traditions, Poltergeists and Apparitions, and Field Investigation Techniques. On completion of the course you even earn the right to place the letters CGR after your name.