When you own and operate your own business, you know that your employees are more than just faceless workers, or numbers on a balance sheet. They are the lifeblood that keeps your business up and moving, and without them, you might not have achieved the success that you have so far. Therefore, it just makes sense that when it becomes obvious that they are unhappy with the conditions inside that business, changes must be made in that environment.

Upgrade The Lighting

One of the most important factors within a work environment that has a direct effect on an employee’s health and well being is the lighting. Take down those expensive fluorescent panels, and replace them with the more cost-efficient LED light panels. They give off no ultraviolet light, which means less of a risk to your employees’ eyesight. The night emitted is softer, but effective, a lot closer to natural light. These light panels have a much longer lifespan than fluorescent panels, and use much less energy.

Upgrade The Flooring

It is also a well known fact that employees suffer the most physical damage in the workplace simply by walking across the floor. The continuous impact of their feet on hard and unforgiving wood, cement and tile flooring can cause an amazing amount of damage to their feet, leading to injuries to bones, muscles and spine. By replacing existing flooring with more ergonomic materials, like cork or rubber, you will effectively decrease the number of employee health claims every year.

Upgrade The Equipment

The old adage that ‘an employee is only as good as the tools they use’ has a lot of truth to it. If your employees are using outmoded equipment, they cannot possibly be doing the best that they can in their line of work. This can be especially true of computers, as the newer models will undoubtedly increase the speed at which your people work with faster processing capabilities.

Upgrade The Software

These days, no matter what the business might be, all of them, in some way, will use software on a daily basis. Nothing will bog down the work day faster than having to wait on outdated software to create the desired reports or needed processing. Since you are going to upgrade the computers, it just makes sense to do the software at the same time.

Upgrade The Furnishings

A common complaint from employees after being on the job for some time is the lack of quality furnishings. Nobody likes to sit on chairs whose upholstery is shot, or at desks and tables that are no longer ergonomically sound. Alleviate aches and pains, not to mention employee health claims by making sure that everything is in good repair, and has the correct ergonomic properties, like sit/stand desks and adjustable chairs. Sit/stand desks and tables operate at the touch of a button, and can be raised or lowered to fit the task at hand. This enables every employee to have a comfortable workstation, and will not be experiencing any undue strain.