Facebook Groups

Facebook has become a place where you can do most anything besides catching up with old friends.  Not everyone knows the extent of the advantages that you can take part in. Here are a few ideas of groups you can start according to your interests. You could start a buy/trade group for most any hobby. You could just start a hobby group and get others to join with similar interests. 

Yard sale / resale Group

These groups are either set up by town or county. There is no shipping involved as a public meeting place is set up between the buyer and the seller and pickup is local.  These are mostly set as private groups that you have to request acceptance as a member.  Some groups are specialized. For instance, I have a group that is just for anything related to children’s items. I also have a group that is just for new items.

It’s always a good idea to put some rules in place. Administrators have the right to ban those who refuse to comply.

 Diet Group- health & fitness Group

These are common and are great to have around to help you stick on your diet. There is great information and a lot of encouragement.

Getting healthy is sometimes very hard to stick to but with the help of this type of group it becomes much easier. This would be a great one to start in your area. It would be a great place to post tips and encourage those who are struggling with this.

facebook groups 2Credit: http://mrg.bz/fYjCwy; By orchid

 Craft supply Group

I’ve found these groups very helpful to get hard to find craft items as well as selling some unneeded items I have.  You can also post an “in search of” (ISO) for items you’re looking for.

Gardening Trade Group

In this type of group you can swap plants, bushes, etc. that way if you have an excessive amount of maybe peppermint in your garden as it tends to over-run a garden, you could trade it for some other type of plant or flower. This group could also include garden supplies of any kind. In today’s economy this is a very cheap way to get things for free and update your garden!

Church Group

Starting a group for your church can be really beneficial. Posting events and reminding people about things like prayer request can be very helpful in the busy lives that we lead.


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