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Do you have a box full of scratched, discolored, or ornaments you’re too ashamed to display? Don’t throw them out! Discover how you can re-purpose those useless ornaments in a way that will dazzle!

1. Center of attention

For this project you will need a clear, glass vase, old ornaments, and fake snowflakes.

Gather your unwanted ornaments and place them in a tall, glass vase. A square vase will work, but I have discovered that a cylinder vase allows more surface of the ornament to show. After all of the ornaments are placed, pour in the fake snowflakes. The result is a winter wonderland centerpiece.

2. Glitter makes everything better
For this project you will need unwanted ornaments glitter, a container to dip the ornament into, spray glue, and wax paper.

When the surface of an ornament is scratched beyond repair, the easy fix is glitter. Make sure the ornament has a clean and dry surface. Pour glitter into a container large enough to dip the ornament into. Spray glue on to ornament (make sure your working area is protected with newspaper.) and immediately dip in the glitter container. Coat both sides evenly and lay on wax paper to dry. When the glue dries shake excess glitter into the container. You will then have a sparkle added to your holiday.

3. String them up
For this project you will need unwanted ornaments, and tulle, hemp, or yarn.

Measure the area you want your ornament garland to cover before starting. Cut stringing choice (tulle, hemp, or yarn) to the correct length and lay ornaments along the length to be sure of spacing. Thread stringing (tulle, hemp, or yarn) choice through the ornament and tie in place evenly spaced. Now you have a shabby chic garland to decorate your tree, mantle or window sill.

4. Get attached

For this project you will need unwanted ornaments, jump hoops, needle nose pliers, and a cheap sweater.

One of the fun things about the holidays is ugly Christmas sweater parties. Unwanted ornaments are perfect for adding a special gaudiness or tastelessness that the best ugly sweaters require. Select ¼” to ½” jump hoops and press open. Slip the open hoop through a couple of stitches on the sweater, place ornament on hoop, and close the hoop with pliers. You are sure to have the ugliest sweater at the party.

5. It’s just a game
For this project you will need unwanted ornaments, a living room, and imagination.

Cookie exchanges are quite popular during the Christmas season, but an ornament exchange is something else. Perhaps your ugly ornament would be a treasure to someone else, and who knows, you might score some treasures yourself. At the end of the exchange take a vote to decide which ornament is the ugliest. Use your imagination to create a fun exchange that will soon become a tradition.

It’s easy to throw away what is no longer wanted, but with a touch of ingenuity and humor, you can make the old new and the unwanted desired.

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