Gerber Daisy Favor Box

There are hundreds of do-it-yourself favor options out there for brides looking for ways to save money yet still offer their guests are delightful thank you at the end of their special day. Probably the most popular is the 2" x 2" white square favor box. Full of possibilities, these versatile, inexpensive wedding favors can be decorated in a number of ways to present to your guests. From the simple and elegant to the bold and elaborate, here are five ways you can easily beautify your box.

Tulle Wrap
Using a pre-cut tulle circle or a 14" square piece that you can cut yourself, place the box in the center of the tulle and gather the sides on top. Hold secure with a clothes pin or piece of tape. Tie coordinating ribbon around the neck of the tulle and tie into a bow or knot with tails hanging down. For an added touch to your wedding favors, hot glue a charm, flower or other accent in the center of the ribbon or include a personalized hang tag.

Make It A Place Card Holder
Decorate the top of the box with the design of your choice and then transform it into a place card holder by adding guests' names on the front. It will be easier to add hand calligraphy, stickers or other personalization while the box is still flat. But, you can also print the names on 2" x 8 1/2" strips of paper, wrap them around the box and secure with double-sided tape or glue.

Blooming Flowers
The top of the favor box is the perfect canvas for your creativity. Lending itself to a myriad of themes and designs, a simple way to embellish it is with flowers. Hot gluing a single rose, calla lily, Gerber daisy or other flower in the center easily accents it with your wedding colors and a touch of romance. Or, cover the lid with a bouquet of smaller flowers in closely formed rows for added elegance.

Monogram and Tassel
For a stylish presentation that says a lot about you, add a tassel and monogram to the top of the box. Using the monogram sticker to hold the tiny tassel in place, simply secure the top of the tassel underneath the sticker in the center of the box top, allowing the actual tassel to hang down on the front of the box.

Stamp It
A great way to personalize these boxes is with a rubber stamp. Add your names, wedding date and themed motif to the front or top of the box. Remember, it will be easier to make good, clean impressions on the box while it is still flat. You can also stamp a paper band to tie around the boxes or wrap ribbon around the boxes for additional color.

No matter which design you choose, you can make it your own by coordinating it to your wedding theme. Add sea shells for a beach wedding, butterflies for spring weddings, berries or even snowflakes or ornaments for a winter wedding. Of course, filling the box with your favorite treat is the perfect finishing touch.