Google AdSense can be linked to many different accounts on the internet to help you earn money. WebAnswers is a question and answer website that shares 60% of the revenue with users. InfoBarrel gives participants a space to publish articles and gives a huge 75% share of revenue to the author. Monetizing videos on YouTube also adds to the money you accrue with Google AdSense. Placing Google advertisements on your website and blog can provide results as well.

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WebAnswers is a community question and answer website that allows you to share in the revenue generated. A person can create a WebAnswers account and begin answering questions posted by other users about a variety of topics. After the user provides 50 quality answers, a Google Adsense can be linked.

WebAnswers has an algorithm that determines your percentage of the revenue. To increase the revenue received from WebAnswers, you should aim to have well-written, quality answers. Users often give a ‘Best Answer’ award to the most worthy answerer. If you receive this award, you earn the on-going royalties from that particular thread. Participation is another factor that affects your revenue share. Answering between five to ten questions a day keeps your account active so that you can continue to earn. Earnings should continue to rise as you build up a bank of answered questions.

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InfoBarrel is a popular article writing website where users can also share in advertisement revenue. Articles should be well-written, easy to follow and be at least 300 words in length. Images, videos and other media can easily be added to the piece.

To attract more views, the writer can submit their articles to feature on the front page of the website. Submissions for the following month can be made under the categories given. It is important to note that only articles that you have written that month can be submitted to be featured.

Users can also earn money by referring other people to InfoBarrel. The referrer receives 2% of the new users advertisement views. You can sign up to InfoBarrel here.

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YouTube videos can go viral. If they do become popular, it would be nice to have a share in the revenue that is generated from the people watching your clip. Luckily, YouTube allow this to happen using their monetization program.

Depending on your particular talents, skills or even family, you could earn money using YouTube and Google Adsense. Often funny videos can turn viral and be widely shared across the internet in a short period of time. Cute or funny things that animals or even children have done seem to be popular. Tutorials teaching others how to apply makeup, how to create something or how to use a certain product can also be made for the site.

The user needs to own the rights to the video before setting it up for monetization. This includes any music that you add or even perform. For example, a cover you perform of a song cannot be submitted for monetization unless you have a legal agreement stating that you can use the song. There are several websites that provide free pieces to use as background music in videos however. Usually the creator will only require that they be attributed in the credits, but it is important to check their terms and conditions before submitting the video.

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Many website providers have easy instructions on how to set up and implement Google advertisements on your website. Weebly provides a drag and drop system that makes it very simple to add advertisements to your site. For the best results, place a variety of advertisements at various places around your website.

When users click on the advertisements placed on your website, you receive some money in your Google AdSense account. The amount you receive varies depending on the nature of the advertisement that has been clicked. After your site has been attached to your Google AdSense account, you can track your earnings by clicking the ‘performance reports’ tab, then the ‘sites’ tab.

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Blogs can also be set up to be linked with Google AdSense. It is important to create a lot of views for your blog. This helps it to become more successful and for you to have the potential to earn more money. Google advertisements placed on your website work in the same way as placing them on your website. Readers of your blog may click on the advertisement and you receive monetary compensation for the view.