Five Easy Ways to Save Money

 There are hundreds of small ways to save money that can apply to most people and many of these are pretty easy to put into action. Sometimes saving money just requires that you utilize a bit of creativity to replace something that you normally spend money on with something that its free.

The best way to save money isn't to hoard and never spend a penny, being frugal is about enjoying the money you do have whilst living within your means and not wasting money on unnecessary things. Here are five really easy things you can do to save a bit of money.

YouTube Nights Instead of Going to the Movies

 Something many people don't know is that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. There are millions of hours of video available on the website and you could easily replace your paid movie night with a night of YouTube entertainment.

If you like watching comedies with your family you are in for a treat, this is YouTube's specialty and there are thousands of great comedy series available for you for free.

Research Before You Buy

This tip will probably save you the most money in the long run over any other tip. Before you make a significant purchase whether it be for $30, $100 or $10,000 do your own research. Do not trust what is in the advertising or what the salesperson tells you, go find out for your self.

Do a Google search for reviews of the product and read reviews written by both customers and experts. Find out if there are any problems with it first and you could find yourself saving a lot of money in the long run.

Home Made Lunches

If you buy lunch at work then this is probably one of your biggest and most easily avoidable weekly expenses. Let's say you buy a burger and a drink each day that costs around $8 all up. Over 5 days you have spent $40 over 50 weeks this is $2000 that you could have easily avoided spending.

Just think; you are spending some of your paycheck just to go to work! Even the nicest home made lunch wont set you back more than $3 per day.

Get Creative With Excess Paper

The average family goes through a lot of paper each week and most of this just ends up in the recycling or the trash. With a bit of creativity you can actually replace many paid-for items with this freely available paper from newspapers and catalogs.

Instead of using a paper towel on a spill do most of the mopping up with some newspaper and the same goes for cleaning your stove and windows. Newspaper actually cleans glass better than most traditional cleaning materials. You can also replace chemical fire-starters with scrunched up waste paper.

Stop Buying Bottled Water

 If you use bottled water at home you are wasting a lot of money. Bottled water is not only expensive but it has been shown to actually have lower health standards than most civic tap waters. This is because lower standards are placed on the food and beverage industry than are placed on the civic water system.

A far cheaper and safer option is to buy yourself a water filter system either for the fridge or for the bench-top. You can even get reusable bottles with filters in them. This adjustment is one of the easiest ways to save money and you can start today.