Save Money on Wedding Expenses

There are lots of ways to cut corners for your wedding and you can still have an exquisite wedding. I will show you five of the easiest ways to do just that. If money is tight, you may have to make some hard choices to save money on wedding expenses.  


 Buy your invitations from Staples or any place that has a supply of boxed wedding invitations that you can print yourself. They usually come in boxes of 25-50. This will save you a lot of money on your supplies. Before you choose, visit several stores so you can have a bigger choice of the type of invitation.

Be sure to check E-Bay for the invitations as well. You will not only save money but you will have a bigger choice in invitations by ordering from E-Bay. There are companies that will do your printing as well or you can just order them to print yourself.

 Wedding favors

These are some of the easiest things to put together. You can choose themed favors to match your wedding theme. These don't have to be extravagant but can easily be quite elegant. Using netting, ribbon and ribbon roses you can dress up any plain container. Wrap candy in the netting, tie with a ribbon, glue ribbon roses, or a silk flower or any themed item on the container which will hold the candy. For a beach theme, you can use a Miniature sand pail and fill it with candy. You can find these in dollar stores or craft stores in the wedding aisle. Favors do not always have to be candy. They are like a token or thank you to the guest for coming. A  favor can be a candle that has been dressed up with ribbon to match your theme or a themed item attached to it. A favor can be a small frame with a picture of the Bride and Groom in it. Think according to your budget and you can save money on wedding favors.

Wedding Dresses

 A Wedding Dress is a sentimental thing so why not wear a dress that has been in the family. This is not only acceptable but very traditional. You can have it altered to fit your size as well as embellished a little differently if you like. It will make it designed just for you! This will cut a huge chunk of wedding expense from your budget. Other ways to save money on wedding dresses is to rent one if you don't mind giving it back. You can also check the clearance racks at Bridal shops to help save on your dress if you want a brand new gown of your own. You may even find your dream dress on the clearance rack.


 Flowers can be a huge expense on your budget. There are ways to cut corners on flowers. Silk flowers can be cheaper than live bouquets. If you're crafty and can make your own bouquets and boutonnieres this will save you even more. If not, check out E-bay. There are lots of silk flower businesses on E-Bay that are well worth the price. You might even be lucky enough to know someone who can arrange silk flowers and you can offer to pay them to do the job.

Saving money on weddings

 Wedding Cakes

 If you want to save on the Wedding cake, there are several ways to do this. Your first and a popular option is to have a two tiered cake made for the wedding display table.

Have sheet cakes in the kitchen to accommodate the guests. Once the cake cutting begins, you will cut the bottom tier and save the top for you first wedding anniversary.

Another way to save on the wedding cake is to hire a good amateur who has experience with wedding cakes. This can save a lot of money and all that money adds up and can be used for so many other purposes. Saving money on your wedding can give you a better start financially in your new marriage.