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As a practitioner of the law of attraction, I’ve spent a lot of time studying the different techniques one can use to manifest positive changes in their life. First and foremost, what is the law of attraction? It’s the simple principle that like attracts like, regardless of your level of consciousness to it. For example, if you’re constantly thinking negative and the worst of things, then unfavorable circumstances will unfold in your life. If you’re constantly thinking positive and the best of things, then very favorable and wonderful things will unfold in your life. Bottom line, our subconscious mind works with the material we feed it through our thoughts and feelings. It cannot and will not decipher good thoughts from bad thoughts. It will only give you what you give it, EVERYTIME.

If you are someone who is negative and always thinking the worst, as I did for many years, don’t feel like all hope is lost. You can always change for the better. In fact, if you want things to change, then you must change, not an option. You’ll know what’s about to manifest in your life by how you’re feeling. If you’re feeling good, then good things are coming your way, but if you’re feeling bad, then unfortunate things are coming. Here are five surefire ways to jump-start and keep the law of attraction working in your life in a beneficial way.


Gratitude should be your attitude. Make a consciousness effort to be in a state of thankfulness for everyone and everything in your life. You will struggle with this at first because you will feel like there’s nothing to be grateful for when everything seems like it’s going wrong, but don’t give up, you have to start finding things to be grateful for first if you want to attract that into your life. If you find yourself thinking negative, or feeling down, look around you and really think about something that you’re grateful for. For example, you’re frustrated at your job because your boss is a demanding jerk and you’re not paid what you feel you’re worth. Say to yourself, “my job sucks, but I’m grateful that I have one, because it pays my bills for now, but this is temporary. I deserve better, and will find something better that makes me happy.”


Forgive others as well as yourself. Don’t hold on to negative experiences or build resentments. It happened. It’s in the past. It doesn’t exist anymore. Let it go. The law of attraction only operates in the present; therefore, so should you. You can’t change what happened to you, but you can make a better choice the next time around. Life is about learning and growing into a superior you, and you won’t become that if you stay living in the past. A lot of times, this is the one key factor that is holding someone back from a better life.

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Think Positive

As mentioned before, your thoughts are one of the driving forces for the outcome of your life. You can think your way to a brighter prosperous future, but you have to be thinking the right kind of thoughts. Never focus on lack, misfortune, an “I can’t” attitude, or anything negative. Instead, focus on abundance, success, “I can” or “how can I” attitudes, and anything positive. You might have to force-feed yourself positive thoughts until it comes naturally, but make the conscious effort to do this everyday. Change won’t come over night, but it will come. 

Affirm It

I am meant to be abundant.” Declare this every single day. Google positive affirmations then make a list of the ones that resonate the most with you. Speak these selected affirmations out load everyday. Here’s the catch to making them work, you must believe it and declare it with real emotion. If you don’t feel this way at first, don’t worry, you will, you just need to reprogram your thoughts. Here are some of my favorites:

            My story is different, my purpose is great, I am powerful.

            Everyday and in every way I am getting better and better.

            Everything happens for a reason and a purpose, and it serves me.

            All the right people, and all the right situations, and all the right opportunities have               manifested in my life, and I receive them now.


Rewrite all your limiting self-beliefs. Sit down and have a heart-to-heart with yourself. What is your inner dialogue saying? What do you really think and believe about yourself? This is not what you are telling other people, this is what you are telling yourself. If there is anything negative and limiting on this list, you need to rewrite it so that it is positive and empowering. If you don’t do this then you will suffer from inner conflicts that will counteract the benefits the law of attraction has to offer you. For example:

            “I can’t do it.” Rewrite this to, “I can do anything I put my mind to.”  

            “I’m too old.” Rewrite this to, “I refuse to let my age define my performance.”

            “I don’t have enough money.” Rewrite this to, “I have the money for whatever I am       committed to.”

The law of attraction is always working and producing, whether we want it to or not. It has no off switch. It’s constantly being feed by what we choose to think and feel, and it will give in return exactly what we put in to it; therefore, you might as well feed it all the best things. Demand your independence from a limiting distressful life. You are meant to be abundant. You can create whatever type of life you want for yourself, but it won’t be without effort. Make it a point to exercise these five simple disciplines everyday, and you’ll be on your way to manifesting the life of your dreams.

Happy creating. Dream, believe, and become.