Ask any social media marketer about the power of Wordpress and you will end up with a gushing positive response. For bloggers, online marketers, and change-makers, the value of Wordpress is not just discussed: it is silently assumed.

But there is no need to hear other marketers harp on about the value of Wordpress. If you are a serious social media marketer, these five ways Wordpress can help are sure to be enough. Plan your campaign, use Wordpress as your content management platform, and enjoy stress-free campaign management and social media marketing.

1) Allow you to collaborate with other bloggers, marketers, and webmasters.

One of the greatest strengths of Wordpress is its ability to make collaboration simple. The slick and powerful dashboard allows multiple authors to share ideas and posts before pushing the 'publish' button. The multi-user controls allow several people to manage a single blog. Finally, the huge amount of customization available allow people to take on different blog-related tasks, each one contributing to the end result.

2) Create a consistent design and image.

When it comes to design, no other platform is as powerful as Wordpress. Though Joomla offers power in boatloads, PHP-based platforms offer incredible flexibility, and HTML websites offer incredible range, none compare to Wordpress when it comes to design.

That means you can craft an image, color scheme, and design that is consistent across all of your social media profiles and networks. Forget about mix n' match styling -- enjoy consistent design on every tweet, blog posts, and status update.

3) Make sharing easy.

Navigate to a popular blog, skim through a post, and look at the buttons on display at the bottom. Those are the Wordpress sharing icons, and they are the ticket to a powerful Wordpress-based social media presence.

There is the 'Tweet this!' tool, the Facebook update icon, all surrounded by hundreds of other social media services. If your campaign depends on social media exposure, Wordpress is certainly the platform to publish from.

4) Give you a search-friendly website.

Social media campaigns are not just about ensuring that your website can be found on Twitter, Facebook, and the other social media hideouts. They are about ensuring that your website can be found anywhere through exposure and people-driven marketing.

Part of that exposure will inevitably come from search engines. There is no need to use Wordpress as your CMS for social media campaigns, but there is good reason to. Not only will you have a website that allows for easy social media sharing, you will have a website that is easy to find as a result of social media sharing.

5) Maximize your campaign's flexibility.

Campaigns change, especially in a world as fast-paced as social media. Whether you need to revise a post, make changes to a competition, or completely change your image to represent PR developments, Wordpress is the platform to do it from.

Small changes take mere minutes, with website-wide design changes requiring only a matter of hours to complete. Ditch the static website and enjoy flexibility -- Wordpress offers it in enviable quantities.