ways for kids to make money

It can be hard for teens and preteens to get jobs to make money. Either they are not old enough, or it will interfere with school. So what is a kid to do? Well there are ways for them to do this, without the traditional fast food job, babysitting or lawn cutting. Not that these are bad way, but with a little creativity they can make some cash with their own business and have more flexibility with their hours.

This works well for a summer job, but could also continue throughout the year without too much interference with school, if they do well at it.

Here are 5 ways for kids to Earn Cash:

1. Organize garage sales.


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There are so many people wanting to get rid of clutter. There are even TV shows about getting rid of clutter, but many people just don't know where to start, and don't want the hassle of running a garage sale by themselves.

At the same time, there are lots of people that scan the paper every weekend looking for garage sales, with hopes of finding things they could really use. Trying to put these two sets of people together can make a really good business for teens. Especially if they are creative with posters, pricing and selling.

All the homeowner would have to do, is identify the items they want out of the house, and let the teen do the rest. They can price them and with the help of some friends they can move them out to the driveway, position everything, price it, advertise with posters and maybe take a percentage of the garage sale for a fee. Or they could charge a flat fee. I have seen this go on in my area quite a bit. They could do this business with a friend and split the proceeds. The homeowner doesn't even need to be involved if they don't want too! They could sit in the house drinking coffee while the kids deal with the sale.

2. Yard Cleanup

Yes you could cut the lawn, but there is also weeding, and picking up toys, and debris and cleaning out sheds and garages. There are a number of things you can do for a homeowner that is outside work, that is not just cutting the grass. You could help with vegetable gardens, or paint a fence. Or help with some jobs on the house itself, such as painting or pressure washing siding. You can pressure wash decks, or help to patch driveways. Sometimes the homeowner will feel overwhelmed with outside chores to do, and you could be a great pair of helping hands to get jobs done quicker. You could set up a hourly rate or charge a fee per job. Discuss this with the homeowner before starting.

If they have pets, they can cause lots of damage to a yard, you can do yard doo doo pickup. I know this is not something exciting but pet owners will pay for this service, especially if they work long days or commute long distances, they just don't have the time to deal with the yard.

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3. Dog Walking

Many pet owners, would love for someone to come during the day in the summer months when it is nice outside and take Fido for a walk. You could coordinate this with other dog owners, and take a few for a walk at the same time. You have to like dogs for this job. You could have a schedule for each dog. This could also carry on into the school term, as a great part time job.

You would charge the pet owner per walk. You can do some research ahead of time and see what others are charging for dog walking. Your neighbor would appreciate it being someone they know, that is why it would be a good idea to stick to your own neighborhood for this job.

It may not stop there, you could get paid to brush the dog, and even take it to the vet or groomers if you have transportation. But even just walking the dog is helpful to a pet owner. Maybe they would just like you to play with the dog in the yard so it does not get lonely. Like a game of fetch or throw a Frisbie

4 Sell Online

There are many ways for kids to make money online. Although, as a parent you may want to supervise this, but they can search out items that are wanted and try and find them at garage sales or estate sales and see if they can be sold online.

Or if they are creative, and create jewelry for example, or sew great pillows, they can try selling on sites such as Etsy dot com. This is a site for handmade items.

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5. Clean the interior of cars.

This one worked well for my kids when they were teens. There are many people who will wash their car faithfully but will not vacuum or clean out the inside. There are great ways for kids to make money, and this is a good one.

They can start with your car, then ask the neighbors, and they can even venture out to used car lots. Many of these lot owners will pay to have the interiors of the cars for sale cleaned. You don't need lots of equipment to get started. But a good shop vacuum would work well. You can try using the customers equipment, but if you can invest in a small but powerful vacuum it would help. You can purchase upholstery shampoos and buy lots of q-tips for cleaning the vents, these work well for that.

Also have a garbage bag for all the things you will find under the seats! You can make a car owner feel great just by cleaning the inside of their car. There is nothing nicer then getting in a clean car on the inside!

Hopefully the above 5 tips have given you some inspiration on ways for kids to make money this summer and throughout the year. This is the year to get creative!