Just because you work from home doesn’t mean your home office has to be dull, boring and utilitarian.

There are many products on the market now that will add zip and colour and just give that room enough colour that you will want to actually work in there.

The problem with working from home is creating that space just for you.  If you are lucky enough to have a spare room or have created an office in your home, what type of furniture and accessories do you have? 

Many home businesses will not want to spend the money on this part of the setup and will make do with leftovers from the rest of the house such as an old table for the desk and some random beat up chair.  This is great that you have saved money on the setup, but do you really like going in that room now?

You don’t have to spend a lot especially if the budget is tight, but you will be spending a lot of time in that room, so why not make it a cheerful and happy place to work?  Even if you simply add one or two colourful and yet useful accessories, the room with pop and look much more inviting. 

You want to feel good in this room right?  So why not make it your special place and add colour and whimsy and some personal flavour.

Home Office ideasCredit: Amazon.com

Coloured Paper Trays and Organizers

There is no need to be a boring black or gray, you can update the look of your home office with colourful trays and book holders and more.  I just happen to like pink and bright colours, so I thought this was a really cool way to get some much needed extra storage and add brightness to the room.

I am able to get loose papers off the desk, and this not only adds colour but cleans the place up too.  This could also be used instead of a filing cabinet, but you can get those in many colours too and it is on wheels.

Ikea Steel Wastepaper Basket, 20 Quart, 13.75-inch, Pink
Amazon Price: $17.99 Buy Now
(price as of Nov 2, 2016)

Waste Basket

If you don’t like the idea of going wild with colour but just want to add a little bit of brightness then add a new waste paper basket.

So, many people will use a beat up old can or something hidden under the desk.  Why not make it front a center and although it is used to collect waste or recycling, there is no reason why it can’t be a part of the décor.

You could get a few in different colours, and use them as recycling.  One could be for paper and the other for cardboard or whatever you go through in your business.

Mid-Back Pink Quilted Vinyl Swivel Task Chair with Nylon Arms
Amazon Price: $137.00 $57.65 Buy Now
(price as of Nov 2, 2016)

Office Chair

You see them all lined up in the office supply store, all boring in black or gray, but this is where you could really make a statement.  If the rest of your furniture is your typical colours for a desk and bookshelves, why not add a pop of colour by investing in a bright office chair?

You can get all the same qualities you need in a comfortable ergonomic type comfortable chair but in pink or orange or something a little wilder.

When you go to enter your work room, you will see it first thing, and it will just give the room a little pop and be more inviting.

You don’t have to spend thousands to give your work space a facelift.  Many times it just needs a place for everything and some organizing.  If you dread heading into the office, then look at getting some accessories that will help to get you organized and yet add a pop of colour too.

After all you have to spend hours in this room, why not make it feel special!  This way you are not hiding your file cabinets or paper trays, you have them out as part of the room and easy for you to access.

Office chairs have come down in price, and if it is anything like my home office you tended to simply take over old chairs that no one wanted anymore.  For the longest time I had an old kitchen chair!  I kept putting off going in that room because it was boring.

Filing Cabinets

If your business needs lots of space for files, then you may have your typical metal cabinets that have seen better days.  I ended up with a third hand one that I stored in the office closet because it is so ugly.

You can either take the metal one you have and paint it with colourful metal paint or invest in a new one just for you.  I thought this green one was a nice colour.  If you are not big on bright colours but would like something a little different then this green hue works too.

Paint or Art on the Wall

If you don’t want to replace any of your furniture or you like it just fine but your space just doesn’t do it for you, then consider repainting the room.

If you have your basic neutral tones in there, then maybe opt for something a bit warmer.  If you like everything just fine, but it doesn’t pop or invite you into the room, then consider adding some art to the walls.

One great way to do this is to find posters, or uplifting pictures or even your kid’s pictures and frame them.  You can get poster frames from the office supply stores, and add them to your wall.

Having things you like on the wall, will inspire you more while you work.  It is nice to be in a room that you feel comfortable in and enjoy.

Larger uplifting pieces on the wall will really give the room some zip. 

Spend some time creating a warm and welcoming home office space just for you.  If you feel good about being in there, then you will feel more like working, so consider this an investment in yourself and your business.