When something bad happens to us we often turn to our melancholy mix of music that may  include songs like; I’m Only Happy When it Rains, Hallelujah, It’s a Mad, Mad World or even Lucky Town. But a time eventually comes during the healing process where we say enough of that, time to cheer up. That’s when you Google this article and look for the fix.

Want to be Happy?

Strike up the Band

According to research being done at the University of Missouri, music has a significant impact on our mood. Research has proven that the various notes in music have very real effects on our moods, creating happiness or sadness. This means that we need to avoid the music that sounds sad, angry, or melencoly and utilize the power of happy music to turn that frown upside down. First things first: Change out of your sweat pants, take a shower, and gussy up. Now that your properly dressed, get into your car or take a walk. Be sure to line up the most upbeat cheerful playlist, crank your stereo/headphones, and get excited. Drum that steering wheel, dance-walk, bob your head, and even sing until your heart’s content. This will get your mood swinging and get you feeling happy. The University of Missouri recommends the American composer Aaron Copland but I have a few suggestions of my own; Walking on Sunshine, Happy, Dune Buggy or even Three Little Birds.

Unleash the Inner Child!

Though scientists may still be debating this fact, I have observed that children tend to be happier than adults. On average they laugh more, laugh harder, joke more, and recover faster then  most adults. I think this occurs for a very simple reason; they do more fun stuff in an hour then we do all week. So in an attempt to cheer up unleash your inner child and do something.  Or better yet, do a few fun things that only your inner child would do. For the reader who does not remember much of their childhood, or does not want to, here are some suggestions: Build a fort in your living room out of couch cushions and bed sheets, go tobogganing (with a garbage bag if you have to), play in the dirt with shovels or your hands, and play with toys.

Release the Inner Kraken

Nothing blows off steam like the joy and guilty pleasure of breaking stuff. Now, it’s important not to cheer yourself up now at the expense of future you, so don’t break anything you’re going to miss. If your mad at an ex, break their stuff (but don't blame me). If a friend has demolition work to do, volunteer to swing that 20lb sledgehammer. If, for some reason, you can’t find anything laying around your house to break, go to a thrift shop, buy a stack of plates, go to your basement and go nuts. If you have the freedom to do it, shout, yell and scream your heart out until your laughing.

Avoid the Pity Party

Call yourself Queen Bee

It’s time to give yourself what your cheered up self will tell you that you deserve. Pampering. There are a few ways you can do this, but here are a few suggestions to fit a variety of budgets and tastes. For those who have some disposable income, book a Spa weekend at a local hotel; get the one hour message, whirlpool tub, fireplace, and five-course meal.   Don’t have as much money as you might like; you’re yourself your favorite comfort food, make a coffee, and follow it up with a bath. If you feel like these options might be more suited for your sister… try getting a straight razor shave from a real barber, take a sailing cruise, or go to an exclusive gentleman’s club and buy a $20 scotch just to see if you can taste the difference.

If you have any other surefire method of cheering yourself up, please put it in the comment field for future readers.

Call an old friend

Sometimes the best way to cheer up is to call a friend that you haven’t heard from in a long time. Not just any friend, but your old BFF from college or your crazy relative that always makes you laugh. Close friends will feel bad for you, try and cheer you up, and tell you why you deserve better, but let’s face it; if that worked you wouldn’t be reading this article. You want someone who doesn’t know you’re so depressed and want to talk about all the ridiculous stuff you used to say or do in college. Nothing can make a person smile like hearing about how they used to be the funniest, craziest or some other “ist” that used to make you so much bigger than life. Maybe arrange a get together and blow off some steam doing some of the things you used to do.