Here it comes, that three o'clock slump, that headachy, uncomfortable, want-to-be-somewhere-else irritablity.   How to make it through the rest of the workday at least mostly awake and in a reasonably agreeable frame of mind?  You could make a pilgrimage to the trusty coffeepot or surreptitiously nibble at something loaded with sugar to prop up your flagging energies, but may I suggest you try some of these surprisingly simple ideas to feel better almost instantly?  They are all very easy and common-sensical, but we tend to overlook them

1.  Pull up your socks.  Yes, I said pull up your socks.  It seems ludicrous, but socks that are sagging even a little bit can make you feel really crummy.  Keep those puppies smooth and straight -- invest in new ones if yours can no longer resist the downward slide.

2.  Go to the bathroom!   Again, very simple and, one would think, obvious, but it's amazing how many of us will keep our noses to the grindstone all the while shifting and clenching and doing the "gotta-go" dance in our chairs.  If you have to go, for heaven's sake, go. Go now! 

3.  Sit up straight.  Listen to your mother on this.  It's so easy for those who work at desks all day to develop the office droop, hunching forward over the computer keyboard, spine bending and sagging.  Sit up straight, shoulders back, chest out, let those poor cramped lungs take in some air.

4.  Look at something natural.  Plants are wonderful for this.  Keep one nearby, especially if you work away from windows or your view is less than arboreal.  Gazing a moment at something green and living infuses restfulness into the soul.  Added bonus if you work at a computer:  you take your eyes off the screen for a bit and give your eyes a treat.

5.  Stand up.  Or sit down.  Change positions for awhile.  If your work keeps you seated, stand up, take a stroll around the office if you can, stretch a little.  (Hey, you could stroll to the restroom!) If you work standing up, sit for a little bit and let those feet rest in their pulled-up socks.

Again, this is all very simple  and most of us have the sense to know this stuff already, but in today's world where work tends to take over, we often forget or ignore it.  Take a few moments to adjust, it's incredible how these little bitty things make a big difference in a person's outlook.