As a freelance writer, I find myself spending a huge amount of time each month looking for new job opportunities to take on. Many other freelance writers and professionals in general suffer from the same problem. Understanding how to be more efficient at finding work, and actually landing jobs in general will lead to higher earnings month after month, and less searching around hoping for work.

1.       Use a Job Aggregator

There are websites out there that gather job ads from all over the internet and collect them in one place. These sites are invaluable in their ability to save you time, because instead of search through a bunch of different job boards you can look at all the jobs in one location. A great example of this type of board, and a site I use daily is Although it is a relatively new site it is already full of writing job opportunities, and it is updated with more work multiple times a day.

2.      Use a Job Bidding Site

It may be a little more difficult getting jobs on a  bidding site such as elance and odesk, but the quantity of work available makes up for that difficulty. You will have to work the hardest to develop a good name when you first start on the site, but if you have a personal portfolio site with testimonials from people you won’t have to work nearly as hard to build your credibility. After you have completed a handful of projects you will find that employers are coming to you with projects.

3.      Make a Website

Pitching the same services over and over again is tiring. It is even more tiring if you have to go into detail about everything that you are going to do each time. By building yourself a portfolio webpage you can simply direct people there and let it do the explaining for you. Just be that you have a professional looking site with a simple domain or your site may hurt you more than help.

The added bonus of this method is as your site gains in popularity it may begin to advertise for you if you apply proper Search Engine Optimization efforts.

4.      Advertise Your Services

Instead of pitching your services to one person at a time why not advertise them to everyone all at once. Advertise your services on free sites such as Craigslist and web design forums, or spend a little money and put an ad on a premium website such as Warrior Forums and FreelanceSwitch. By communicating with a high number of people at the same time you won’t have to work as hard to convert job opportunities into actual jobs, and you may even be able to sift through several job offers until you have the cream of the crop.

5.      Make Friends

Network among like minded peers that might have a use for your services. Make friends with web designers as well as advertisers and you may get work referred to you when you least expect it. Even if the people you network with don’t need your services they might know someone who does. Offer to refer your web designer friend to people in need of websites and he may even let you write all of the copy for it.


Although many of these techniques are pretty obvious to many people they really do work. By employing at least a few of these ideas you can increase your job opportunities while decreasing the amount of time you spend finding them.