Car crashes in Los Angeles often seem to steal the headlines from issues of national interest. Not only does it occur almost on a daily basis, the damage and injury it inflicts can get catastrophic. According to reports, most of the devastating car collisions occur because of over-speeding, accounting to 30 percent of the total accidents each year.

The US Federal Highway Administration reported that driving high speed brings higher risk of crash compared to driving at low speed. High speed also increases the force on the human body in a collision, which may result to life-threatening injuries. High speed car collision cases in Los Angeles and in other cities have taken the lives of more than 12,000 people.

Naturally, the way to avoid getting into car collisions is to drive slower, even if some drivers seem to find doing such difficult. Monitoring your speed may be easier if you can keep some things in mind. Here are a few tips to limit your speed and have a safer ride.

  1. Do not get distracted; keep your eyes and mind on the road. Avoid doing any other activities while driving that are considered as distractions, e.g. changing radio stations or CD's, using your mobile phone, or talking to your passengers too often. Instead, be on the alert for traffic signs or driving conditions that may result to problems.
  2. Keep in mind the speed limit of the area. Even if the speed limit in California is around 55 to 75 mph, there are specific speed limits imposed on different interstates and highways, and it may also depend on the kind of vehicle you are driving. More than a restriction, speed limits are set because it is the rate proven safe for that road.
  3. Remember that over-speeding can seriously hurt you. Maybe the best way to make drivers follow the law is to present them the scary consequences of disobeying it. Just think of the possible harm that an accident may give you physically, emotionally, mentally, and of course – financially.
  4. Speed limit keeps your insurance rates lower. Traffic tickets given to drivers caught over-speeding makes your automobile insurance premiums higher.
  5. Abiding by the law keeps your anxiety level normal. Drivers who over-speed often feel guilty for breaking the law and may even get a little paranoid. If you're already late, don't bother speeding anymore; you'll have more problems if you get caught.

If you want to file a case, the first thing that you should do is to find a skilled personal injury lawyer who is working in a reputable law firm.