Your computer can crash in an instant, and you could lose everything that you have stored on it.  With so much of our personal and professional information stored on our computers, an unforeseen occurrence could set you back or totally devastate you if you don’t have your files backed up. Whether it is your grandmother’s secret brownie recipe or your most current resume, damage to your computer, can cause a great loss to you. There are many ways for your computer to lose be corrupted and everything lost. Below are five ways to lose your computer files.

Power Surge
A sudden storm rolling in can be your computer’s worst enemy. In a split second lightening can strike close by and create an electrical power surge. The power surge can severely damage your computers hard drive wiping out your files and everything you have stored on it.

So much of our activity is taking place online. Cyber attacks have become very prevalent. A computer virus can accidentally be opened up by simply clicking on a link in your email. Social networking sites are loaded with virus’s just waiting to be opened. Even clicking on a video can unleash the fury of a computer virus. Friends and family can accidentally send you a link with a virus attached. Once the virus is opened, there really isn’t much you can do to stop the attack. It only takes a split second for the virus to begin its damage.

Computer Theft
In the event of a computer theft, and your files are not backed up, you will certainly lose all of your computer files. Everything from pictures to important financial information can be lost if your computer is stolen. There are no guarantees that your computer will be recovered, and if it is recovered, you have no way of knowing if it will be damaged.

Accidentally Deleting Files
There aren’t too many of us who have not accidentally deleted a file, picture, email or other important document. Sometimes our fingers are working much faster than our brains and we hit the delete button and lose our files or documents. Then there’s that moment of sheer panic as you realize what you’ve done.

Defragging Your Computer Files
Most of us go through the process of defragging our computer files on a regular basis. Believe it or not, defragging your files too frequently can accidentally lead to the loss of some of your files.

Let’s face it, our personal or business information that we store on our computers is very valuable to us. Imagine the heart break if you lose your family photos to a virus, or theft. Your entire financial history could be stored on your computer. Old tax returns,  passwords to accounts and important emails to and from friends or family can all be lost if your computer is not backed up. There are many ways to lose your computer files, so be sure to protect your files now with a business online backup software. Don’t wait until it is too late.