Most people are aware of PLR and the buzz that’s associated with these products. These items are popular because you can make money with them. PLR can be used in a number of ways to generate income online if you use these packages in smart ways. Here are five ways you can use these products.

Buy the Products and Resell Them

One way to generate revenues with PLR is to buy these products and then sell them to someone else. You can buy a single product if you’re just starting out. You can write sales copy when you buy a PLR product. All you need to make sure is that you have the rights to rewrite a product. Be sure that you do have the rights before you change a PLR product, this is a common mistake.

Buy PLR Then Edit to Meet Your Needs

Buy a PLR product and then edit it to suit your needs. Once you have a good edit you can then resell to others looking for these products. Make sure you give the product a new name and make a PDF file. You can then make a good sales page and sell the product. This is an easy way to get a PLR eBook to the market. Since you’re rewriting it the book then becomes your own. You can have a fresh look on a topic and provide content for your website. This is easier than making new content from scratch.

BUY PLR and Resell to Other Marketers

Take the PLR that you have bought and sell it to other online marketers. If you happen to change the product make sure you have your own sales page to market it. Many marketers are making an income taking these PLR products and selling them to other people. This is easy to get a business started and you don’t need much time or a big investment to start.

Buy A Few Products and Make One Out Of It

Buy a few PLR products and make one out of them. You can take this single package and sell it to others. Make sure you research and make a product that other people will find popular. If you have a good product then people are going to buy it. Mixing products into one large comprehensive product can bring you a good income and you’ll have a high sales rate.

Take PLR and Edit them then Resell the New Product

Buy a PLR product and then edit the PLR to resell it. Make a PDF file and then sell the resell rights to the product you just made. You can also hire a ghostwriter if you don’t want to write the product yourself.  This is a great way if you don’t want to write things yourself and can save you time so you can concentrate on just making money.

These are all good methods to make money selling PLR products online. The main thing you need to do is create original content with the PLR if you want to use it yourself. Original PLR content will allow you to get more views on your website or blog. Selling these packages directly won’t require you to edit the packages as much. Never put plain PLR on your site because you want fresh content.