If your living space includes a small closet, there are ways to utilize every square inch without jamming your clothes into a twisted mess.

Of course one of the first things you should do is have a good clean out and donate anything you have not worn for a long time so that someone else can enjoy it rather than leaving it squished in the back for all time.

Once you have the closet completely emptied and have created your donate pile, then you can truly look at the size of this space and make some decisions.

Start by looking at your clothes.  Do you need more shelf room (such as with sweaters and tops) or do you need more hanger room (as for jackets, dresses and blazers).  Do you need hooks for purses and bags or do you need more shoe room.

Once you have made those decisions then you can look for all the latest gadgets that have shown up on the market that will help you to organized and make the best use of the space.

With many people downsizing into condo’s and smaller houses, closet space can be quite small and sometimes even non-existent!

If that is the case, then you can purchase a separate wardrobe in many different sizes that could sit against a wall or you could even curtain off a section.  There are ways to utilize every corner for storage.

The first step is to clean it out so you know just what you are dealing with.  Even consider giving it a good clean and a coat of paint so that you are starting off fresh.

Small closet OrganizationCredit: Amazon.com
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(price as of Oct 28, 2013)

Shelf Separator

If you have a typical shelf in your closet with the hanging rod underneath and this shelf always gets messy, then check these separators out.

They easily attach to any shelf, and this gives you in effect little miniature side walls so that you can now fold and stack sweaters, t-shirts and other foldable tops or jeans.  I prefer to keep my jeans folded on a shelf so this works out well and you can stack neatly.

This is a great way to utilize the shelf space so that you can now build up height and use that wasted space above the shelf.

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Hanging Shelves

These are canvas and very portable and if you simply don’t have enough shelf space and you don’t want to get into a full closet organizer, then this is an affordable way to get more shelf space. 

This unit simply hangs from the rod, and you could set it up in the center of the closet and it can house anything that doesn’t need to hang from a hanger, or you could use it to store purses and other things.

It may take up about a foot of the width in the closet but you make up for it with all the shelves available.  So if you got the shelf separators for the top shelf and then hung this up from the rod, in effect you would have a “dressers worth” of space for your sweaters and tops.

Sweaters are the hardest to find a home for as they tend to be bulky so using both of these systems would help to keep your space clean and you can now see them all at a glance without having to go digging.

Small Closet Shoe OrganizerCredit: Amazon.com
Whitmor 6082-13 Natural Linen Soft Storage Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer
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Over the Door Storage for Shoes

If you have a typical single door on your closet, and a floor full of shoes, this works perfectly.  It fits over the door and takes advantage of the space between the door and your clothes.  You can keep all your good shoes here, which gets them off the floor.

The floor can be used for other things such as storage boxes that are stacked neatly.  By getting the shoes into these hanging pockets then you can see which pair you want at a glance instead of pulling them all out trying to find a matching pair.  It also keeps them in good repair and clean.

You can also get storage that hangs in the closet itself, but I like the idea of using the wasted space on the inside of the door.  If you don’t need all the pockets for footwear then you can use up the rest of the pockets for socks or mitts or anything.

Stack-able Durable Window Boxes for Small Closet Organization

These are sturdy and you can see through the window what you have in them.  These would fit nicely on the floor of your closet for things you don’t use all the time.

It makes for a perfect storage solution for any bulky wear or anything.  You can get these in a set, and they will keep your space neat and tidy.

Umbra Little Black Dress Scarf Organizer
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Scarf Organizer

If you love to wear accessories every day, such as scarves, then here is the perfect way to store them.

This hangs up just like a dress in the main part of your closet, but you can slip all your scarves through the holes and then be able to grab one each day.  You could keep it at one end of your closet or near the center shelf unit for example, and have access to your scarves without getting them all tangled.

This takes up very little room, so you don’t need shelf space or floor space for this.  So, if you have lots of these accessories, then consider this idea for storage in your small closet space.

Once you take the time to really give the closet a good clean, and maybe a coat of paint, then get rid of the things you don’t wear or don’t want anymore, it is amazing the space you will find.

Add a few of these storage accessories and you have most likely doubled your area and will find that you now have lots of space.  You can put an outfit together quickly in the morning for work without tugging and pulling, and now you have enough space and may need to do some more shopping!