When working from home you may find it very difficult to stay focused on your work due to distractions. This article will provide you with five tips that you may find very helpful when working from home to get the work done to earn your much needed income.

1. make an actual home office

Your living room, bedroom or basically any other room utilized by members of your household is not your home office. An actual home office in your house provide you with the advantage of actually achieving work without distraction

No kids, pets or television should be in your home office. Understandably these can all be found in any other room of your home, but there is a way to separate your office from your home.

It doesn't necessarily have to be anything fancy. Simply a spare room or space inside of your home that you can work in that does not include your home life. A spare room in your basement can even work out. Somewhere that you feel comfortable working.

2. Set up everything you need to work in your office

That includes, pens, paper, printer, laptop, sticky notes, etc. You will be working here and you want to be free from distractions. You should not have to go to the living room to fax important papers. Leaving your work area can easily get distractions in your path and interrupt a work task or even prevent you from finishing.

3. plan your workday

Have a to-do list. Whether that is written out daily or weekly. This will assist you with staying on task. When making a to-do-list, you should also make a must do and would like to do. There are times when working that you are inspired to do things that would be nice, but you are not able to work on at this minute. When you do get a break sometime in between assignments or working, go back to the would be nice to do list and complete some of these items.

Your work day should not be interrupted by other household tasks such as non- essential telephone calls, laundry and things that are not work related. If you where at an actual office away from home you would find the time to do these things outside of your work day.

4. Do Not Disturb

If you are lucky enough to have an actual home office room, post a sign that indicates that you are working and do not disturb if necessary. This may eliminate some of the disruptions that distract you from working

5. Take breaks after one hour of constant working.

Take a stretch. Back away from the laptop or writing assignment. This is typically good for you mentally as well as physically. Do not use this short break to run and load the dishwasher just simply provide yourself with a couple of minutes of relaxation mentally. Many times at an office we do not take the opportunity to do this. We may be on others schedules and deadlines.

Working at home can be a blessing and a curse. Let it be a blessing for you. If you happen to have a household that can allow for distractions ,this article may provide you with some useful tips that can help you make it a blessing.