How to Stop Junk Mail

1) Change your address, and put in no forwarding. If you rent a PO Box, rent a different one every six months or a year. Tell your friends and bill collectors your new address. Better yet, pay everything online so that your bills don't even come to your address. IF you have a physical address rent a PO Box and do the above. If you really don't want to put in a temporary forwarding from your home to your office and switch back and forth with enough alacrity so that your mail is never NOT in a state of forwarding.

2) Stop buying things from catalogs. Buy from websites like craigslist, Ebay or that don't bother with print catalogs. The beauty of this system is that you are supporting small business in America (or not, if you are buying things foreign.) These sellers generally don't sell your name to mailers either.

3) Stay off of the grid. Don't register to vote, don't enter sweepstakes at the mall or through the mail. Many of these places make more money selling your name to mailer lists than they do through actual product.

4) If you give to charity, gift with one large donation not lots of small ones. Gifting charities with $20 or less is like throwing your money away. They spend your entire $20 sending you solicitations for more help the rest of your life. So don't feel bad if you choose to stop giving. And if you want to continue giving, pick one charity and gift it with a thousand dollars or more. Once you pass this threshold you have more say about where your gift goes. Request to the charity that they use the entire amount for charity and NONE for fund raising or you will take your donation elsewhere. Most charities will agree. Also stipulate that they not sell your name to any other charities.

5) Register with You can list your preferences, although the results have been pretty spotty for me. Catalog choice recommends you call each sender and request to be taken off the mail list. Sometimes this works. Sometimes it works only until you purchase again from the catalog. Sometimes it counts as a "hit" with that catalog company and they double effort to get your business via additional catalogs!

6) Some people I know take the envelope that comes with a non-profit solicitation, the one that says "No postage necessary" and use that to send back their request to get off of the mailing list. There are two problems with this approach. The first is, that it is actually illegal to use those envelopes for use other than the intended purpose. Sure, you probably won't get arrested, but that doesn't make it right. And hey! What if you DO get arrested? Don't say ms muffintop didn't warn you! The second problem is that many times, just like with the phone calls, this just gets counted as a successful "hit" by the non-profit. They may well double up on efforts to solicit you. So don't do that.