Almost everyone has a sweet tooth and that sweet tooth craves chocolate. Is it possible to make the experience of melting chocolate on your tongue even better? Let’s find out!

1. List all the chocolatiers who give free samples in your area
Put me in any part of town, and I can point to the nearest shop who gives samples of their chocolate wares. When, by itself, chocolate is a natural pick-me-up it tastes so much better when it’s free. It’s the sweetest scavenger hunt and the best reward for completing your errands.

2. Pair your square
Chocolate tastes well enough on its own, but when it’s paired with peanut butter, as a shake with fries, or hugging the contours of biscotti, chocolate takes on a whole new dimension. Try experimenting pairing chocolate with sweet and savory, a piece of fruit, or with a beverage like tea, coffee, or wine.

3. The more the merrier
Host a 1001 ways to enjoy chocolate party. Invite attendees to choose beverage, cake, cookies, bars, or a unique way of their own to share their love of chocolate. Enjoy sharing the story of your first sweet experience with chocolate, or the story behind your favorite variety. Chocolate tastes incredible when shared in the company of those you love.

4. Savor the moment
Chocolate rushed is a chocolate experience wasted. Prepare to be fully in the moment with your selected type of chocolate. Create an environment of comfort, serenity, and peace. When you allow yourself to slow down and savor a piece of chocolate, you might notice how silky the texture is, you might notice a hint of cinnamon, it may be the finest moment of the day.

5. Pay it forward
One fun way to make chocolate taste better is to give it away. My favorite way to give chocolate is to tape a bag of gold coins to a card that reads: Enjoy a treat on me! Pay it forward! Be prepared for your chocolate to taste wonderful after giving some away.

Chocolate is one of the greatest pleasures in life. When you follow the preceding sweet steps you are certain to enhance the delight!

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