If you've ever had a bubble tea before, you know that as far as beverages go, it's pretty out there. I mean, how often does someone actually eat their drink? And how many other drinks out there have colossal balls floating around in it like caviar?

Well, some bubble tea shops decided that bubble tea just wasn't freaky enough. It just didn't that "je ne said quoi". So they made the flavors a lot weirder and a lot more "out there".

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present five of the weirdest, craziest flavors you've ever seen:

Logan and Red Date

This sounds like the horrible Chinese herbal medication I was forced to drink as a kid. But if you like shriveled dates and big translucent eyeball-like things floating around in your drink, then this could be right up your alley.




My friend once described it as "like drinking sushi through a straw".  Sounds pretty nasty doesn't? Well, it's not.  It's totally awesome. If you close your eyes, it's like downing an entire bowl of guacamole and then chasing it down with a mouthful of gummy bears.

Hey, if that sounds crazy then I don't want to be sane.



Before you go running off to the feds, you need to know that this flavor actually has nothing to do with embryos.

Embryo is actually just basil seeds. Despite how it creepily resembles frog embryos, it's actually 100% vegetarian and tastes like tiny peeled grapes with editable seeds.  Not creepy at all.

Salty Cream with Oolong


This drink sounds dirty but isn't. You wouldn't think salt works well in a sweet drink but somehow it does.  By adding a bit of saltiness, the sweetness of the drink  is enhanced and the flavor of the tea actually tastes stronger.  Weird!



Most people mispronounce it "Cow Piss" but Calpis is actually really good. A non-carbonated Japanese soft drink, it has a light milky flavor and tastes slightly acidic  like vanilla-flavored yogurt.  And no cows were harmed during the making of this beverage.