Living cheap or living as inexpensive as possible is a way of life lots of Americans want to find.  In our current economy the extra cost of daily living is a large factor in choosing where to live. Across the nation the cost of living can vary. Even different areas of the same state will vary in housing and food costs. 

Living in any city includes buying food, paying the cost of transportation; housing includes mortgage or rental costs along with clothing and other things needed for daily living. These are basic needs and don’t take into consideration added luxuries like entertainment.

A number of other necessities are also considered for daily living. Individuals living in a part of the country where heating and cooling a home year round is necessary will have the additional cost of paying more for energy than others that don’t need to heat or cool a home year round.

Cities that lie closer to our northern neighbor Canada will pay for winter clothing like boots, hats, cars need snow tires and everyone needs coats as a necessity while southerners will find extra dollars in their wallet not paying for winter gear.

Expect to pay more for transportation costs in larger cities than smaller ones. Larger cities residents pay extra in taxes for education, police, fire and other community services.

With all of this in mind a number of these cost less to live in than others around the country. These are five of the cheapest cities to live in America.

1)      Memphis Tennessee

This is Elvis Presley’s former home and still home to Graceland. Memphis has a rich cultural heritage in the music business. They offer citizens a month-long celebration during the month of May to celebrate it. Visitors around the world have come to Memphis to experience what the city has to offer.

The average cost of a home in the city is under $200,000, coming in at around $180,000. Renters can expect to pay close to $750 a month for a two bedroom apartment. Although the cost of rents are slightly less than most cities of the same size, groceries cost a little more. Overall anyone living in Memphis will expect to pay 14.3 percent less than the national average.

2)      McAllen Texas

Texas is a huge state and McAllen is a small city compared to most cities inside of the state. This small city is one of the cheapest places in America to live. The Texas city of McAllen's population is around 130,000 with a cost of living running a little more than 16% cheaper than the national average.

An average home will run an owner $178,000 and two bed two bath apartments average$700 each month.

3)      Conway Arkansas

Conway is a scenic city with a youthful population. This city of 60,000 residents has an average median age of only 27 years old. Groceries are extremely cheap and a homeowner can expect to pay an average of $230,000 for a house. Rents are extremely cheap. On a national level the cost of living in Conway is 13.8 percent cheaper than America’s national average. Median income for this vigorous city is $41,966.

4)      Pueblo Colorado

Pueblo is a small city in Colorado with an average state income tax of slightly more than 4 1/2  percent. Groceries are more than cheap. Buying a can of tuna costs 83 cents and a head of lettuce $1.01. This city is 13.8 percent less than the national average which ties it with Conway Arkansas. Living in Pueblo Colorado is living in one of the cheapest cities in America.

5)      Pryor Creek Oklahoma

Oklahoma can boast the cheapest city in America for living. The cost of living in Pryor Creek is living 13.7 percent cheaper than the national average. This scenic city at the foot of the Ozark Mountains has a very small population of less than 10,000 residents. Groceries are more than inexpensive with a gallon of milk costing only $2.03.

In conclusion

These are five of the cheapest cities in America to live. The national average for all is less than 15% of the entire nation. Groceries and housing are both inexpensive and affordable. The populations are smaller than a good number of cities in America and closer to the size of towns, with Memphis being the exception. The average income is more than enough to live very well for all of these.

 If you are considering moving to one of these, consider Pueblo, Pryor Creek, Memphis, Conway or McAllen. There is a variety of weather, culture and other variations that can fill for the most part anyone’s personal needs.

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peublo is a beautiful city in the mountains of colorado

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