Get ready for one of the most important chats in your life. Having a discussion with your next employer is something that you need to prepare for. These are five of the most important things for you to do before your next job interview. It makes a difference between whether you will be scouring the employment openings again next week or sitting down with human resources and electing your employee benefits for the coming year.

Take into account that before you saunter into the meeting room for the next job interview there are some things to do before your next job interview that will make you perform at your very best. Putting your best foot forward is definitely a step in the right direction when seeking employment.

Eat right for the brain

Eating for the brain is one important thing to do before your next job interview that make a difference in how you look as well as feel when sitting down for one of the most important meetings you may have in your recent life.  

How we look and feel does have a lot to do with the types and kinds of foods we eat. Avoid the chocolate donut and reach for the yogurt. How about some fresh fruit versus potato chips? Eat food that does the body, most specifically the brain some good.

If your stomach is nervous and you simply cannot fathom eating an entire meal, don’t sweat it. A small healthy snack will certainly do. Consider making the most of it by eating something that puts your brain in overdrive and doesn’t leave your body weak.

Eating foods that are lower in the glycemic index along with combined proteins, fats and carbohydrates will leave you full and steer clear of an energy crash when you need energy most.

Keep the deodorant handy

Lots of people will sweat under pressure. There aren’t too many situations more stressful than a job interview. If you happen to sweat quite a bit, particularly on the palms of your hands, consider using some deodorant. Go heavy with the deodorant under the arms and give a swipe to palms that have a tendency to sweat to keep them dry.

Don’t use deodorants that have a heavy smell or perfume to them. Go for a deodorant, antiperspirants are best, that are unscented. Sweaty palms don’t say anything good about anyone at any time.

Give yourself some down time before the interview

Although we have notes, shortcuts, reminders and little habits that we like to do before a job interview, get some important downtime before the interview. About an hour or so before “go time” put your notes and cheat sheets away to let yourself get away for a moment. Clear you mind as much as possible and try to relax as much as you can.

Interviewing is extremely stressful and the amount of stress increases as the interview grows closer. Giving your mind a little time to unwind before the interview can actually help you do better. You may not totally relax before the interview, but it will make you look and feel better before stepping up to bat.

Warm up the brainwaves

Make certain that the brain is up and ready to go before your interview time. Start the day off bright and early with a crossword puzzle while you enjoy your morning cup of coffee. This gets the problem solving skills in overdrive and ready to combat the questions that will be coming at you.

Stay positive

Keeping a positive point of view is easy when you are around positive attitudes. Keep away from Debbie Downer or Negative Ned days and hours before the all-important interview. Stay close to someone with a good mental frame of mind that rubs off well on you.

A positive attitude is catching just like a negative one. Having people in your corner that are positive will certainly make you have a “can do” outlook when you need it for your meeting with possibly your next boss.

These are five of the most important things to do before your next job interview to look, feel and do your best when you need it most.