When you think of the daily traffic grind it gives you shivers and your only thought is Friday evening when you get home to the calmness. Oh the thought of working from home is very tempting, but you know your income is vital for the survival of your family. Is there a easy way to work from home and still have the income you are use to getting? Yes, fire you boss and step out into self employment and workplace independence.

Logical reasons to work from home:

-The brutal commute is one common reason why people make the decision to work from home. It is extremely stressful having to rise earlier than necessary just to battle the agonizing traffic and to leave work and arrive home hours later when your job is only 30 minutes away. Eventually it will take a toll on the body and the vehicle. The wear and tear on the vehicle end up costing a lot more than needs to be.

-Gas prices – this is a sore topic for most drivers, the frustrating prices have been getting worse over time without any relief in site. It is best to factor in the least of commuting back and forth to work versus working from home will be enough to pay a bill.

-Working from home gives flexibility. There is a certain amount of flexibility when you work from home. You are able to set your own working hours. If there are small children in the family some people choose to work nights or late evening in order to avoid daycare and be with their children. With the exuberant cost of daycare many people make the decision to have their children home while they hold down an at home job?

Having the flexibility to spend more time doing things with the family is one bonus that comes with working from home. Taking vacations when you choose is rather nice.

-No hard head boss to contend with – you are finally able to dismiss the boss that has almost driven you crazy. Many times we have bosses that we can't get along with and it makes going to work a hard chore. May be you have had a terrorizing that have made your life a living hell, another reason to fire your boss.

-Many times working from home allows you to determine your pay check, you work as hard as you allow yourself too. Get the kind of income you deserve. There are many online opportunities that allow a person to have financial freedom. The correct thing to do is research the opportunity, look at the testimonials and look at the company.