Valentine's Day has just gotten too commercial. Here are five things you can do to connect to the pagan origins of V Day (aka fertility day). I'll be asking Mr. Science to help me so we can all be fertile and educated at the same time.

1) Watch peregrine falcons mating. Seriously. I do it all the time. In fact I even wrote an InfoBarrel article on a peregrine falcon webcam. As you'll see from this falcon video they have a well deserved reputation for speed! Why is that Mr. Science?

You like to watch?  That`s sick (40014)

You like to watch? That's sick.

Mr. Science: This is sex for reproduction. If you separate sex and reproduction then sex becomes a form of communication. Two of the most sexual species on Earth are humans and the bonobos monkey. Check out the monkey webcam at MUST NOT contain: pornography/adult material, - INFOBARREL EDITORIAL GUIDELINES.

2) Plant a seed. Join the circle of life. Give a plant a helping hand. If you see a seed pod hanging around open it up and let it fall. Spread them around. Search on Google for the plant, maybe the mother plant isn't in the best place to grow so you can help with that. Don't forget about bulbs. Look for daffodils just breaking ground. Put a little flag to mark the spot so the landscapers don't scalp them. Leave the leaves too after flowering. Isn't that right Mr. Science?

The circle of life for seeds

Mr. Science: Absolutely. Deadheading daffodils is okay but let the leaves go as long as you can so the bulbs can send out new roots and store food for next year. Be especially nice to daffodils. Rresearchers have discovered a compound in daffodils that may help slow aggressive brain cancer.

3) Put out bird food. Spring has sprung and the birds are making nests. But if you have local cats be careful on spreading food on the ground, you don't want to be baiting bird traps. Humming bird feeders are always good. As a bonus, consider shredding twine and leaving bundles out as nesting material for birds. Soft twine is like silk sheets for birds.

Laden European swallows (40015)

Laden swallows.

Mr. Science: Very considerate of you to think of birds' nests. Some people just throw large coconut husks on the ground and expect birds to carry it off. This can be a special problem for unladen European swallows.

4) Mood music for humans. Now that we've taken care of plants and our feathered friends let's consider our own species. Music and fertility are intimately related. A modern ritual might include something from Barry White.

Barry White is always in the mood (40012)

Barry White is always in the mood

Mr. Science: Be careful with music. Anecdotal evidence from an increasing number of parents suggest that constant exposure to "It's a small small world" may permanently reduce human fertility.

5) Let's be blunt: buy a MUST NOT contain: pornography/adult material, - INFOBARREL EDITORIAL GUIDELINES.

Ah, the Infobarrel editorial police again. Mr. Science, can you perhaps help me get around this problem but still communicate the intent of this particular item.

Mr. Science: I see the problem. Basically, what you are suggesting is to buy something like a…digital basal thermometer. Ovulation is a basic function of the human female and you think technology should come into play here. Excellent idea. Let us look at a typical description of a basal thermometer:

"Features: measures body temperature with accuracy; convenient, easy-to-read display registers in hundredths of degrees; memory displays last temperature taken; includes ovulation chart; water resistant. Helps determine date of ovulation. Beeps when ready. Contents: 1 thermometer with battery, protective case, 5 probe covers, instructions, ovulation chart. This digital thermometer may be used for oral or rectal temperature taking."

Just look at those features! Water resistant, comes with batteries (not all do), beeps when ready (is that convenient or what!), probe covers (easy to clean) and works either…well let's just say it works where it needs too.

Thank you Mr. Science. As always, it's been a pleasure.

Happy Valentine's Day ♥ !

Author's note: no affiliate links, no self referring links and no animals were used in the writing of this article.