So it is Friday night and you are feeling a bit lazy.  Staying in seems like it is the most likely scenario for the night so you grab yourself some popcorn, some M&M's and your favourite drink and prepare to unwind while watching a movie.

This is pretty much my standard Sunday night and I love it.  It is cheap, relaxing and a good way to let your mind relax.

The biggest problem I have, is figuring out what to watch.  Since I watch so many movies, I don't generally have a huge list of movies in the back of my mind that I want to see. So to help me navigate the movie possibilities, I use the following techniques to keep my movie life interesting.

The Academy Awards

Academy Award Nominees - Last 50+ Years
In the last few years I've started to try and watch all the different Academy Award nominees prior to the award show.  While I've been keeping up with it recently, there are decades of fantastic movies you've probably never even thought about watching.  Take a look at the best picture nominees over the last 50 years, you are sure to find something awesome to watch.

Movie Food

Movie Recommendation Engines
Movie recommendations are pretty easy to come by through your network of friends, but the problem is, while your friend may have enjoyed the movie, it doesn't mean they have the same taste in movies that you do.  What movie recommendation engines such as ApeFlix do is compare you to other people and find people with similar movie tastes as you. They then will recommend you a movie based on movies others have seen that have similar likes to you.  I've been using these web applications for a few months now and it has more or less removed bad movies from my movie watching equation.


FaceBook Friends

Ask Your Friends on Facebook
If you have a few hours before you hit the video store/video on demand market, blast a message out to your Facebook friends and see what they have to say.  While this will probably get you a bunch of ideas for movies, it is pretty hard to determine weather or not you will have the same tastes as your friends.


Check the Latest Releases
If you are like me, you don't wind up seeing every movie that makes its way into the theatres.  Some movies you really want to see but never get around to checking out and wind up forgotten.  Every week I take a look at the new on DVD/BluRay releases online and look for anything I was planning on seeing.  If I see something I make sure to pick up a copy for my lazy Sunday night.

Rotten Tomatoes

Movie Reviews
If none of these ideas are working for you, you can always go to a site like RottenTomatoes and browse users and critics reviews.  Typically the movies with high overall user ratings are good. While these won't be direct matches for your movie tastes, if a movie gets an 80%+ rating you can rest assure you will probably be at least mildly entertained.

Good luck finding a movie to rent!