Destiny’s Player vs. Player (PVP) arena is called the Crucible. This is a game that has a decent learning curve and great shooting mechanics. While it can be frustrating feeling like you are just dying over and over without getting any better there are several steps you can take to give yourself an advantage over the other players.

1. Learn the Maps

In any First Person Shooter (FPS) map knowledge is extremely important. The first few times you play a map don’t expect to immediately do well, instead simply try to learn the places where people run to, where the objective points are, and where the spawning points are after you die. Knowing the basic layout and traffic of a map will allow you to predict when people will come around a corner, or know which direction the enemy is coming from.

2. Be Patient

While running into battle is fun for everyone, dying 20 times a game by the same player who is just sitting around a corner is not. Once you’ve learned the map you are on you can pretty well know that the other team will have a few people who will sprint out to the same general location several times throughout the match. Sitting back and allowing the game come to you. This means finding locations near any objectives you may have, letting the players wanting to get up close, come out into the open with enough space between you and them to easily gun them down will boost your kills while shutting down the players who repeat running paths whether they were successful or not.

3. Find Your Weapon

In any game, be it an FPS, Role Playing Game (RPG), or even a sports game your personal style will affect the way you play the game. Several guns in Destiny are considered the best, “Vex Mythoclast”, “Thorn”, and “Red Death” to name a few, but this doesn’t mean you have to have one of those guns to be successful. Many times you will find your best scores come from a gun you simply feel comfortable with. There is never one setup that works for every single person every single time. Finding the gun that works for you will always be better than just using what is supposed to be the best in the game.

4. Be a Good Teammate

In Destiny being a good teammate, capturing objectives, reviving teammates, and defending control points, help the team win. When you are able to use your super to either get kills or defend a point you create orbs of light which allows your teammates super to recharge much faster. When teammates are able to use their super, they produce orbs of light for you to pick up and reduce the time until your next super. This causes the entire team to have super more often and easily kill more enemies, and win more often.

5. Find People to Play With

This goes hand in hand with being a good teammate. Finding a group of people you enjoy playing with allows for communication, which in order to win games, is absolutely vital. There are always times when the opposing team is taking an objective and you feel like you are the only one who notices. Without people you are talking to through voice chat it can be frustrating to have no clue where your teammates are going or doing. Having friends who play the same game as you always makes this process easier, but if they are not available, there are several matchmaking websites that group players who want to do the same thing.