The most expensive part of everyday living and the item that adds up to a substantial amount of money in the monthly budget is food. People tend to overindulge in this area and as a result of a busy lifestyle do not look for bargains or plan their meals ahead. When they are grocery shopping it is the first thing they can find in order to fill a hungry brood. What most people do not realise is that there are many ways to save money on your grocery shopping.

Make a shopping list

If you plan your meals ahead then you can make a list of everything you need from the supermarket. This is another good way to avoid buying things you do not require. By shopping for certain foods you are less likely to be drawn to tempting foods not on your shopping list. These impulse buys all add up and are estimated to cost the average shopper thousands of dollars annually.

Take only cash to the supermarket

If you refrain from taking credit cards to the supermarket and only take a set amount of cash with you then you will not overspend. This can be a drawback too however if you see many items on special offer and you do not have enough cash to buy them. Perhaps you can take $5 more than what your shopping is predicted to cost to allow for such circumstances. Taking a set amount of cash to the supermarket is the best way to avoid impulse spending on items such as sweets, chocolates and biscuits which you have no need of.

Use grocery coupons

Grocery coupons are available in local newspapers and magazines as well as online. You can make a substantial saving by using coupons. Coupons are available for nearly every product there is. As well as using grocery coupons you should also take advantage of buy one get one free offers and half price offers.

Buy items in bulk

Instead of buying a smaller box of cereal to do you one week why not go for the bumper box to last two weeks. Bumper box may only cost a few cents more, and represents better value for money. If you do this with several of your items you will not be long in making a good amount of savings.

Buy cheaper brands

Supermarket's own brand tastes as good as and has often the same nutritional value as other more expensive brands. With the more expensive brands you are paying for the name and nothing more, and for someone on a budget trying to save money on grocery shopping this is not a good enough reason.

By utilising the above tips on how to save money on your grocery shopping, you should notice some extra dollars available at the end of the month. Why not put this money saved on your groceries into a piggy bank and save it for something special, or else use it to pay off debts.