The website that allows users to sell any gigs at a minimum of $5, has proven itself as a great source of income for many. There are countless numbers of promising stories on how individuals have successfully made a living through selling their services and talents through Fiverr. What particularly makes Fiverr so special is that the gigs you provide can be of anything that comes to mind, from creative writing, to designing, to even singing etc. Identify your hobbies and explore ways you can make in the next income generating gig.

Over the years, Fiverr has experienced a rapid growth in both sellers and buyers. As a platform that initially assists others in earning money by selling their skills online, Fiverr has truly boomed. It is a growing industry that both businesses and individuals are beginning to tap on. While the Internet has many similar websites and opportunities to benefit from, Fiverr has definitely branded itself and stood out amongst the crowd. This can be seen through its advertisements all across the Internet, as well as positive reviews, testimonies and success stories given by others.

Small Profits

Many have commented about the relatively low $5 rates earned for each gig, in addition to a 20% commission Fiverr takes for each sale. The money generated for yourself is but a small lump sum. You may ask then ‘How is it possible then for us to make a living with such unattractive rates?’

While this appears to be the case and you may find these rates extremely unappealing, do not be disheartened yet! There is actually an underlying opportunity that sets the cream of the crop, opportunities that lead to major success stories people talk about. The kind where you can quit your day jobs and make a living for yourself, and this is found in none other than the massive potential of gig extras. 

Gig Extras and Its Potential

What happens is once you reach a certain number of sales, Fiverr provides you with the option to add gig extras to your gigs, with the purpose of increasing value. From earning a mere $5 for each sale, you can now potentially earn up to $50 or more. How this works is you can begin to charge an additional $5 or more for delivering your gig within a shorter time frame (1 day), while your average delivery fee may be up to a week or more. Furthermore, you are able to add extra features to further increase your earnings. For example, if you are providing services in video production, you can provide your videos in HD, or offering to add voiceovers and sync. This itself can easily increase the value of your gigs by 2 to 5 times (or more!) the original value. Focus on adding value to your gigs by providing your customers with a great experience.


It is the case that sales tend to be relatively slow initially as a newcomer, like how it generally is across all industries. Upon making sales, your customers can choose to give you a rating and review for your gig. This highlights the importance of providing quality work and so receiving positive reviews, further promoting your services and getting you more sales. (If possible encourage your customers to leave you feedback and reviews) Moreover, once you have established yourself as a level 1 or 2 seller, sales will definitely begin to pick up and help further generate cash.

Get started today, and you could find yourself as the next potential fiverr success story!