There are many places where you can buy and sell all sorts of products and services online these days and Fiversworld is my favourite place.  Sites like these make it easier for product and service providers to buy or collect money for the things they sell because money is kept until the services are provided.    That makes it a little bit safer for the seller and gives the buyer some security, too.

Fiversworld has some things that are similar to other sites like the process of buying and selling and the set up will look quite similar.  But there are some features that make this a place where I love to buy and sell.

How Fiversworld works

Choices of Price Points

Fiversworld is one of the sites that you can offer gigs for price points other than $5.  There are several sites like this and I believe that gives them an advantage over those that do not. It gives buyers more options and sellers are able to price their products and services for what they are actually worth.  Services and products can be priced at $5, $10, $15, $20, or $25.

Offer Instant Download

Digital products are a great option for things to sell on sites like Fiversworld but on most other sites buyers will have to wait until the seller gets a notification and then comes online to deliver it.  On Fiversworld, sellers can make their digital products available for instant download and the buyer will be able to get their product as soon as payment is made.  Some of the things you could make available for instant download would include PLR content, WordPress themes or plugins, or ebooks.

Various Payment Options

On most sites, PayPal is the normal mode of payment.  However, Fiversworld makes it even easier for buyers to make payments.  They can still pay with PayPal but Fiversworld makes Moneybookers and AlertPay available, as well.  Of course, that means they can also make payment with their choice of credit card.

The awesome tips in this book can apply to Fiversworld, too!

Withdrawal Period

One of the things that sellers find inconvenient about many sites is that they have to wait for sometimes up to two weeks to be able to withdraw the money that they have earned.  On Fiversworld, the withdrawal period is only 3 days!  That means that 3 days after the buyer has accepted and approved your job, you can have the money sent to your PayPal account.

Get Your Gigs Featured

On other sites there seems to be this system for getting gigs featured and this makes it much easier to make sales. I don’t know about you, but I have never managed to get a gig featured on a site like this.  But on Fiversworld you can pay $7 for a month to have a gig featured and get more views for it.  The more views your gig gets the more likely you are to get a sale. I’ve tried this with two gigs and those are the ones with the most sales.

Earn from Referrals

When you send someone to Fiversworld you can refer them with your referral link.  If they join and make sales you will get 5% of each sale they make.  This money comes from Fiversworld, not from the person’s sales.  This is just one more way that you can make money from Fiversworld!

But remember that Fivers World is like any other means of earning income online.  You need to promote yourself if you want to be successful.  And there are many ways of promoting your Fivers World jobs.