There are many places online where you can buy and sell services and products for $5 but the one I love the most is Fiversworld.  I love the many options that they make available to their sellers.

Fiversworld is convenient and easy to use.  The administrators of the site are great to communicate with. They quickly answer emails and they have their users' interests in mind.  They even provide sellers with an ebook on how to make $500 in 30 days!  I've never seen any other buy and sell site that does that.

As you know, I love Fiversworld for many reasons!

One of the things you should remember is that you need to work a bit to get your Fiversworld jobs noticed, just as you would have to on any other site you want to get more traffic to.  There are many jobs on Fiversworld and you need to make it easier for people who are interested in jobs you offer to find your jobs.  You could just throw them up and hope that they are found and that people will buy from you but if you put some effort into it you can increase your odds.


Display Your Fiversworld Jobs on Your Blog

Do you have a blog that you keep updated?  Then you can create a page on your blog dedicated to your Fiversworld jobs.  I have a full page that has a screen capture of each job that is big enough to allow people to see the description.  Each picture links to my actual Fiversworld job.  You can add to the page by being more descriptive about each job since Fiversworld only allows a certain amount of characters per description.

Write a Blog Post

If you have a blog anyway you can write a blog post about Fiversworld and the options and features that it offers.  Not only can you link to some of your jobs or your profile that lists all of your jobs but you can also include a referral link.  Don't forget that for each person you refer to Fiversworld you can collect 5% of their sales.  The 5% you collect comes from Fiversworld - not from the person that you referred.

Write Articles

There are many places where you can write and publish articles online.  InfoBarrel is my favorite place but you can also publish articles at EzineArticles, HubPages, Triond, Bukisa, and many more.  Most article directories provide you with the opportunity to include links in your articles.  So write about yoru favorite features at Fiversworld or compare Fiversworld with similar sites.  Include your referral link and a link to your profile to get more visitors to your jobs.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Each job you create conveniently has Facebook, Twitter, and other sharing buttons at the bottom of the job.  Use them!  Don't be ashamed - share with your network!  Let other people know about the jobs that you are willing to do and you will be much more likely to get hired for work!

You can even create a Facebook Page for you Fiversworld jobs!

Create a Blogger or WordPress Blog for Your Jobs

Create a site dedicated just to your Fiversworld jobs. You can use either Blogger or WordPress for free versions of your blog and update them whenever you put up a new job.  Make sure to take advantage of categories and labels.  If you implement some keywords, too, you will find that you get more search engine traffic.

Participate in Group Promotion

People often find that when they work together they get better results.  So, instead of just promoting your own jobs, help others promote their jobs as well.  Whenever I finish a job, I always thank the buyer, ask them to rate, and suggest that they take a look my other Fiversworld jobs if they were happy with my service.  When I suggest my other jobs to them, I also suggest jobs of trusted friends who offer similar services or whose services go well with my own.  They do the same thing for me and we all get more exposure.

You can also share other people's jobs on social media sites and they can share yours.