British in a US market

As much as I am very grateful for the opportunity I get to be self employed and write for passive income, my world is much more limited being in the UK than it would be if I lived in the US or Canada. Why? because most writing platforms are American and pay in US dollars. As with any market, conversion rates make it so you either work for less money or you lose out on jobs that are paid in dollars because of competition that can afford to take the pay offered. Currently to pay a UK writer the same rate as a writer from the US, you would have to pay the UK writer $16.11 for every $10. From a UK employer's view, this is great as you can get your articles for $10 and it is only costing you an average £6.20, but would you want to write a fully SEO'd 500 word article for £6.20?

Fivesquids Buy and sell skills

Join Fivesquids and get paid in pounds sterling

Fivesquids is the UK version of Fivver, so if you are knowledgable about Fivver you will know what Fivesquids is about. I will explain for those of you who are not familiar with sites such as Fivesquids.

Fivesquids have four different categories at the moment, these are ;


This section is where you post any talent or job that you want to sell for a one off fee of £5. This may be article writing, keyword research, back linking. It doesn't even have to be writing related, one girl offers to sing for you, someone else offers to make you a design for your website header.

Fivesquids will take their commission of course which on a five pound offer is one pound, or 20% whichever way you want to work it out.


This is the second option on Fivesquid, which is a great extra option that I have not seen on any other similar sites. These guys are wired and realise they are losing out by keeping it to five pound, as most people only work that rate to build up private deals.

On a ten pound deal, Fivesquid will take 20% again, which is two pound. This deal means you will get more doing this rate per article than you would taking a job for $10.


The third option at Fivesquids is the chance to request twenty pound per task that you choose to sell. The 15% cut for Fivesquid is three pound, so you get seventeen pounds. This is great for writers wanting to offer two or three articles to the same buyer.


This is where Fivesquids has been really clever because by the time most people are dealing with deals this big they have had to sell quite a few articles on the cheap to gain some sort of contract with a buyer. This way you can go straight to the money, even if it means offering a couple extra articles for the price, you have the knowledge of knowing that income is in the bag for you. Fivesquids will take 10% which leaves you with forty five pounds. That is something that most writers struggle to earn passively for a long while, this pays the bills.

How Fivesquids works

First of all, to buy or sell on Fivesquid, you need to register for an account with Fivesquid.

You also need to make sure you have a valid Paypal account, as that is how Fivesquid pay you.

There is no charge for posting your skills or job offered, so you can place an advert letting people know what you can offer them for one of the four amounts. Select the tab with the amount you want to advertise for, then write out what you are offering. Next there is a second box that gives the buyer information that is required from them for you to do the job as they wish. For example, if you are offering to write a 400 word SEO article, you would want the subject and possibly the keywords that the buyer is wanting you to write the article on.

Once the sale is complete and exchanged, Fivesquid will pay you through Paypal. It is that easy.

Only one word of warning I have for people who may not be as wily around working on line. The first message I received was from a guy sounding very legit, stating that he knew I would want more money for the amount of work he had in mind for me. That bit is fine, but what is dangerous is he then put that I should ring his mobile number.......err not a chance. That is so risky and dangerous that I don't care how legit it is, it isn't worth risking your safety for.

You have to stay professional however and I politely stated that I would not call mobile phone numbers as a safety precaution but that he could send me an email and I would give him a quote. I have a Hotmail email account set up specifically for work, if you have not done so, I suggest you do so, keep work and private messages separate.

There is a writer here at Info Barrel that writes for the US version and earns $200 a week, so just think how £200 a week could forward your life. If you have a skill, whether it be writing, drawing, marketing or anything else, sign up and earn your self straight forward money. There is even someone selling cupcakes on Fivesquids, so the world is your Oyster.

Buying skills and work on Fivesquids

You still need to register if you want to buy work, as you need to have an account.

For a buyer Fivesquids is a safety net as it removes the cost of the job you have requested but holds it until you have the work you have ordered. If for any reason the order is cancelled, your money will be returned to your account.

Grow your business, get others to do your keyword research, your marketing, backlinking or any other outsourcing you wish.