Fixing your bent or broken eye glasses is easy and cheap!

Fix Broken Glasses Cheaply and Effectively!Credit:

Have you ever sat on your glasses? Accidentally sent them through the wash? If you wear glasses, it’s almost a guarantee that you have done something to bend or break your glasses. Want to know a quick and cheap way to fix your glasses? Heat Shrink Wrap!


In order to fix your bent or broken glasses, follow these simple instructions (with a link to a video tutorial below.)


  1. Purchase Heat Shrink Wrap from your local hardware store, or Amazon. An affiliate link to purchase heat shrink can be found here: Heat Shrink 160 Pcs (I would recommend buying a bulk supply of it now if you or anyone in your family owns a pair of glasses. You will break or bend them at some point! It’s sad, but true.)
  2. Cut the shrink wrap into a ¾” – 1” long segment with a pair of kitchen sheers/scissors.
  3. Slip the heat shrink around the broken or bent joint of the glasses.
  4. Press the broken pieces of the glasses into the desired position within the shrink wrap. Use a small vice, or pair of pliers to hold the pieces in place if necessary.
  5. Using a heat gun, or a hair drier (if it is able to reach the necessary temperature) heat the shrink wrap slowly from side to side. Start the heat gun far away from the glasses to ensure that the shrink wrap and the glasses to not get too hot. You only want enough heat to shrink the wrapper into place.
  6. Allow the glasses to cool.
  7. Carefully slide the mended glasses on your face for testing. Beware as this is a rather temporary fix for a pair of completely broken glasses. This solution will likely last longer for a bent pair, but you still must position the glasses onto your face more carefully than before.


While this solution is only temporary in nature, it’s a wonderful “stop-gap” if the damage to your glasses happens during a trip, or before a big event.  It is recommended  you use clear, or spectacle-specific colored heat shrink if at all possible. This will make the mending solution more aesthetically pleasing. Any type of heat shrink will work, however, as long as the non-heated dimensions of the shrink wrap are only slightly larger than the diameter of the broken segment of glasses. Please watch this video (found on Youtube), if the written directions were not clearly followed: 

Video guide for fixing your glasses

video by: slightlyoverkill