Cydia netdb Error occurs during application downloading process in iPad, iPod and iPhone. To download third-party applications users rely on Cydia. 

If your device has encountered this error while downloading anything perform the following steps to resolve this problem: 

  • Wait for the server to respons
  • Try restoring your iOS device
  • Remove the content from Cydia.lst folder
  • Remove MetaData.plist file
  • Restart your device  

Wait for the server to respond

To fix Cydia error wait until server is able to process your request. Basically server receives too many download requests from users which often results in slowdowns. These download requests are from different regions which engage your corresponding server.  You need to wait for some time and check back if you can download anything or not.

Restore your iOS Device

Sometime restoring your iOS device is helpful to fix netDB error. Follow the procedure given below to restore your iOS device:

1. First of all connect your device with PC.

2. Now select the device which appears in iTunes. There are two options: first one is Check for updates and second is Restore Device.

3. Tap on Restore.

4. Now follow on screen instructions in iOS setup assistant.

Remove the content from cydia.list folder

Corrupted or missing files in Cydia.list folder can result in this error. You should delete the content from this folder to rectify error. Follow the instructions outlined below to remove content from cydia.list folder.

1. Turn on your device.

2. Open Terminal, iFile or iFunBox based on your device.

3. To access Cydia.list go to following location:


4. After opening this folder, remove all content.

5. Restart your device

Remove MetaData.plist file

MetaData.plist stores the URLs. Try removing entire metadata.plist file to troubleshoot problem. Below are given steps to remove this file.

1. Turn ON your device

2. Go to “\private\var\lib\cydia\metadata.plist”

3. Remove this file.

4. Now try downloading anything.

Restart your device

Sometime users forget to restart their device after performing tweaks. It is vital to restart your device once you made changes. Your device would only be functional if you restart it.